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Fear of nuclear war! Russian Nuclear Forces Fight

Date 01 Jun 2022 time 10:40

Russia’s Defense Ministry says nuclear forces are conducting intense exercises

On June 1, Reuters reported, citing Russian news agency Interfax, that Russian nuclear forces were conducting exercises in the city of Ivanovo, northeast of Moscow.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, around 1,000 soldiers are conducting intense exercises. with more than 100 vehicles, including the Yars intercontinental ballistic missile launcher (Yars).

Previously, Avril Haines, director of the US Intelligence Agency. It said Russian President Vladimir Putin may have resorted to a more extreme method, nuclear weapons. If he views the defeat in Ukraine as a threat to his regime.

He added that there are things Putin can do to escalate the violence before it reaches nuclear weapons. And the world may be warned that the use of nuclear is imminent.

In February, a few days after the launch of military operations in Ukraine, Putin ordered the heads of the defense departments. Manage the country’s nuclear forces to have a high level of alertness.

Photo by REUTERS/Evgenia Novozhenina