NIt is not only the Argentine soccer player Sergio Agüero who is very skeptical about resuming play in the Premier League. “The majority of the players are scared because they have children and families,” said the Manchester City striker Argentine television station El Chiringuito. The 31-year-old admitted to being afraid too.

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In England the ball has been at a standstill because of the corona pandemic since March 13th. “I’m scared, but I’m here with my girlfriend and I won’t be in contact with anyone else,” said Agüero of the status quo. He went on to say that he and his teammates would be “pretty nervous and extra careful” if they returned to the pitch. “If a person is sick, we will think what happens here?” Said the 31-year-old. He hopes that a vaccine will be found soon “so that everything ends.”

Football professional Glenn Murray also has great concerns. “We’re talking about men from all over the world who may have the disease. There are so many reservations, ”said the Brighton & Hove Albion striker to the BBC. He didn’t want to endanger his children. “Some soccer players have newborn children who may be more susceptible to the disease. Some live with older parents. It is a really difficult situation to agree. “

According to the BBC, the footballers will be tested for the coronavirus twice a week to continue the season and checked for symptoms every day. There are also strict hygiene rules. According to information from the “Guardian”, some clubs have already invested in equipment that should deliver a result within two and a half hours. Wearing a face mask should also be discussed. “It’s ridiculous,” said 36-year-old Murray. He understood the public’s desire for a seasonal continuation: “But this must be done in a reasonable manner and at the right time and in such a way that everyone is safe.”

Talks between the 20 Premier League clubs about a sequel went without a new result on Friday. The clubs had discussed available information on the so-called “project restart”, the league announced after the joint video conference. The clubs reaffirmed their shared goal of ending the season that had been interrupted by the corona pandemic. According to media reports, this should happen in a few selected venues without an audience. According to The Sun and Daily Mail, the stadiums of West Ham United and Arsenal FC in London, as well as the Manchester City arena, are considered likely venues.


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