Fear the Walking Dead: Spotlight on the Amazing First Episode of Season 4 [SPOILERS]

Fear the Walking Dead: Spotlight on the Amazing First Episode of Season 4 [SPOILERS]

ATTENTION SPOILER! Broadcast last night in the United States, the season 4 season premiere has begun a process that challenges as much as it questions for the future. The mutation of “Fear the Walking Dead” is in any case in progress. Just like Morgan!

Warning, this article contains SPOILERS

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Attention spoilers, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the first episode of Season 4 of “Fear the Walking Dead”! If you do not want to know anything, go your way.
” And what is your story? “It is around this question, called to link and untie the past of each other, that season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead started last night on AMC and, in the wake, on Canal + Séries. An amazing episode with not only stories to tell but also solitudes to thwart and friendships to tie …
Many expectations and questionings revolved around this Season Premiere, announcer of big changes for the series. Between a change of showrunners and the introduction of new characters, the series redistributed especially its cards by connecting directly to its series-mother, The Walking Dead , through a character: Morgan Jones, camped by Lennie James .
“The Walking Dead”: The highlights of the finale

Released just after the finale of season 8 of The Walking Dead, this first episode of season 4 of the spin-off not only initiated the arrival of Morgan but, above all, the alignment of the temporalities of the two series, which now unfold at the same time, annihilating the very idea of ​​prequel. This episode, entitled ” What’s Your Story? “, who even proposed a new episode entry jingle, clearly wanted to lay the foundations for a new chapter to write, a mutation in progress, even to shake the fans of the first hour …

Screenshot / Canal +

Rick visits Morgan

First encounter: John, the trigger’s ace

As proof, this episode opens indeed on a character that we do not know. This is actually John, one of the new regular characters of the season, embodied by Garret Dillahunt . Alone, in the dark, he hears something or rather someone. To deceive loneliness, he begins to talk and tell his story to the thing or being who may be watching. He says he has not heard the sound of his voice for perhaps a year, he also confides to have been in love. Suddenly, a walker moves forward and John shoots him with a single bullet. Just behind the creature, we discover Morgan Jones, who thus establishes the link between the mother series and the spin-off. John, whose name we do not know yet, asks him then: ” And what is your story? “.
The relay passage with “The Walking Dead”

If Morgan does not want to tell his story, the whole episode will push him there. And as much to warn you, the character is at the heart of the episode from beginning to end! After this nocturnal introduction with John, the episode offers us a flashback, to return to Morgan’s departure from The Walking Dead. Those who do not follow the show may also be a little cautious in front of this scene when others will see a special moment.
Installed in the old Jadis and Scavengers dump, as explained in the finale of the TWD season 8, Morgan now lives alone. As we understand it then, the war with Negan has passed and he now wants to stay away. But he keeps hearing knocking on his door. Then appear very familiar faces of what he now considers his past. Morgan does not always have his head, so we can wonder if this is the reality or hallucinations. Anyway, for our greatest pleasure, Morgan receives the visit of his old friends …
Jesus ( Tom Payne ), one of The Walking Dead’s characters, is the first to try to convince him to come back. New knock on his door. Surprise again, this time it’s Carol who finds himself in front of Morgan and tells him: ” Your place is with those you love ” . That’s when, icing on the cake, comes the hero of The Walking Dead, Rick, who reminds him: ” Many people are here because you helped me “Morgan does not want to quarrel and explains that he is not” more the same Rick insists that he can do no harm, he will not be able to hide and he will not be alone: “You’ll end up with people one way or another. “It’s a nice way to pass the baton to Fear The Walking Dead by making us understand that this is where he will start his new home, whether he likes it or not.

Screenshot / Canal +

Morgan and John

Morgan’s trip

Haunted by her past, Morgan decides to leave. He hears the voices of his friends telling him to come back to them. But, decided, he finally takes his departure. Backpack and stick in hand, he leaves the dump, the East, and embarks on his great journey. He walks through the rubble, crosses walkers and ends up falling on a wounded man in a car. He gives her something to look after, then, pushed back, resumes her long march. While in Texas, the story comes back when he met John, who is actually John Dorie.
He accepts his invitation to sleep in his car but eventually runs away again. He leaves in the middle of the night but is caught on the way by a group that threatens him with a weapon. But John, as we can see throughout the episode, is never far away. He comes to his rescue, showing his ability to shoot again. However, the two men end up circled until, new sign of a beautiful destiny, appears a huge armored SUV van driven by a certain Althea …
Second meeting: Althea, the journalist

We are halfway through the episode and so we meet the third new face of Fear the Walking Dead. But, still no trace of the heroes of the series … Incarnated by Maggie Grace , Althea threatens the group led by a certain Leland (practice: his van contains a hiding place with machine guns) and recovers Morgan and John. Again, Morgan resists and wants to spin alone. But, very quickly, Althea explains to them that their rescue was not gratuitous and that in exchange, she awaits something. This something is actually very simple … except for Morgan. As a journalist, Althea wants to hear their story. As John, more and more endearing, talks to him about Laura, the woman he’s desperately looking for and carries the same pistol as his, Morgan refuses to play the game.
He resumes his journey, armed with a new pair of socks offered by the adorable John, not without repeating his eternal slogan: ” In this world, we are always alone ” . Once again, Morgan’s lonely plans are thwarted: Leland’s gang reappears and seeks revenge. The first big battle of season 4 follows with zombies, shots and sticks on the menu. Morgan is also well knot the leg before fleeing into the van with new friends he does not want.
Finally, Althea manages to get a piece of the history of the former hero of The Walking Dead who confesses that he lived in two communities (Alexandria and The Kingdom), that there was a conflict with another group (Negan’s) and his group won but he was already gone. He refuses then to give more details even if one suspects that his history will be crossed again in the episodes to come. Althea will be there to remind him …

Screenshot / Canal +

Alicia, the return of revenge

Our heroes become … mercenaries

Decidedly very stubborn, Morgan leaves his two companions again. New sign of fate, he is attacked by two walkers as he tries to approach a man who, from behind, looks like his friend Jesus. Fortunately, his new guardian angel is never too far away and John saves her skin again. Morgan still wants to see if this is his old friend. In reality, the walker is the stranger he tried to help at the beginning of the episode. Once safely aboard the van with John and Althea, Morgan says he will stay in their company only time to heal his leg. Does he still believe it?
We are then two minutes from the end of the episode and still no trace of the heroes of Fear The Walking. And there, at the moment when one began to say that they would reappear only in the second episode, a silhouette appears on the road of the three new heroes. Obvious sign that this is finally one of the “old” figures of the show …
The trio gets out of the van, approaches the young woman who turns out to be … Alicia! Distraught, she breathes to them: ” There are bad people here ” . But, finally, the bad guys are not the ones we believe and, from behind the foliage, Nick, Victor and Luciana pop up! The whole troop in short. How did they get there? Where is Madison? How and when did they find each other? How long has it been since the end of season 3? What do the flags flanked by the number 51 mean?
No worries, the answers to all these questions will arrive in the course of the season. That’s what the ultimate question of the episode suggests – “And what is your story? “- that Altheaa poses to Alicia, just before giving in to our armed heroes, become true mercenaries and masters of the ambush.
Season 4 of “Fear The Walking Dead” has just started …

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