Fearful moments! 5-storey building collapsed completely

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The incident occurred at 22.00 hours on the 6th Konak Street of Evrenpaşa District of central Yakutiye district. The 5-storey building of İlhami Akkus, which was emptied to be demolished 5 years ago due to urban transformation, collapsed for an unspecified reason.


Firefighters, health and AFAD teams were dispatched to the area after the dent in the building where no one was present. İlhami Akkuş, the owner of the apartment where the teams searched in the wreckage, stated that the 40-year-old building was evacuated within the scope of urban transformation 5 years ago. Akkus said that the building, which they expect the municipality to demolish, was destroyed by itself.


Sait Çiğdem, sitting in the houses behind the destroyed building, said they thought it was an explosion. Stating that there was a big noise while sitting at home, Çiğdem said, “We thought it was an explosion. Then it started to shake. I went out with my child. There was dust. We saw that the building was destroyed. 2 people were running towards the building. ‘Is there anyone?’ I asked. They said no. ”

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality fire brigade and AFAD teams started an investigation in the wreckage of the destroyed building. Assessing the possibility that someone might be under the migration, AFAD teams asked the police to remove the citizens from the area. Upon evacuation of the dent area, the teams listened to the wreckage. DHA

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