Fears serious forest fire danger in Møre og Romsdal and Vestland in August after drought period – NRK Vestland

The dry weather, especially in Western Norway and Møre og Romsdal, worries state meteorologist Geir Ottar Fagerlid.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute will send out a yellow warning for forest fires in the area on Tuesday.

In a short time, the color of the alert can become even darker.

It happens at the same time as Southern Europe is hard hit by heat waves and forest fires. Parts of Greece were today predicted to be close to the heat record in Europe of 48 degrees.

From yellow to orange

In Western Norway, local terrain fires have flared up, and the general risk of forest fires is abnormally high.

Forecasts say that the weather will continue to be dry, while temperatures will be higher. In addition, there will be some wind, which means that the risk of fire will increase towards the weekend.

– If the dry weather continues, we are considering sending out an orange warning, says Fagerlid.

It is extremely rare for Vestland to receive such warnings in August.

– I can not think similarly, says Fagerlid.

STRYN: For the third time in a few days, there is our smoke development on Årheimsfjellet in Stryn.

Photo: Jarle Øygard

Fire outdoors? No thanks!

The fire service in Western Norway has been extinguishing work in several places this week.

At Årheimsfjellet in Stryn, there is our constantly new smoke development. This is the third time this week that this fire has flared up again. The firefighting work is now done with assistance from a helicopter.

Fire Chief John Jatgeir Vinsrygg said that the work is demanding.

– We hope that we do not have to keep up with this for a long time.

Fire chief in Gloppen municipality Kjell Aske asks people to refrain from all arson outdoors.

– Now it is the precautionary principle that applies, he says.

Fire helicopter Løvstakken

HELICOPTERS: The Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning has over 20 helicopters that they can deploy to assist with firefighting.

Photo: Sveinung S. Øiestad

– Can be critical

Department director Johan Marius Ly in the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning said that they continuously assess the terrain fire in Stryn.

– Now we have two helicopters in operation here, but we have the right to put over 20 until the fire danger should indicate it, he says.

Former owners this summer, the fire service had major challenges with the grass fire at Sotra. The Directorate is a warning that similar fires may occur again.

– It can be critical if there is a fire in the vicinity of settlements, at the same time as the vegetation is dry and there is a lot of wind, says Ly.

Department director Johan Marius Ly at DSB.

BID: Department director in the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning, Johan Marius Ly, closely monitors the fire danger in the country.

Photo: Press photo


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