Federal Air Transport Agency extended the ban on flights from other countries to Russia until August – Economy and business

MOSCOW, July 2. / TASS /. The Federal Air Transport Agency extended the ban on flights from abroad to Russia until August, it follows from the text of the agency’s telegram.

“The Federal Air Transport Agency brings to the attention of users of the airspace of the Russian Federation the following information: until 23:59 local time on July 31, 2020 there is a temporary restriction on the entry into the Russian Federation of foreign citizens and stateless persons,” the telegram says.

The Rosaviatsia telegram is more technical in nature: the decision to ban entry into Russia for foreigners was made by the government, in the regulatory documents the validity of the entry ban was set from March 18 to May 1.

Earlier it was reported that international flights from and to Russia could begin in mid-July: such a proposal was formulated by the Federal Air Transport Agency. Moreover, Transport Minister Yevgeny Dietrich recently reported that the hope of resuming international flights in July is “still alive.” But at the same time, the minister clarified that it would be possible to let Russians abroad only after the authorities were convinced of the safety of air flights inside Russia from the point of view of sanitary standards. Decisions to resume international flights will be made symmetrically, taking into account the agreements of Russia with other countries, said earlier Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova.

At the end of March, against the backdrop of a pandemic, Russia completely closed air traffic with other countries, with the exception of export, cargo and mail flights. The first step was taken when Russia restricted flights to China from February 1, followed by South Korea, Iran and several other countries. Already in March, with the advent of a new focus of infection in Europe, restrictions were introduced on flights to Spain, Italy, Germany and France, and only a few days later they were distributed practically throughout Europe; On March 23, a flight ban covered 95 countries, and on March 27, Russia completely closed its regular and charter international flights.

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