Fédérale 2. Sarlat aims for pro rugby in the short term under the impetus of a man, Dominique Einhorn

The American dream for Sarlat? We know Sarlat-La-Canéda well for its tourist attractions and its rugby club firmly established in Federal 2 or 3 depending on the year. The blue and black club shone in 2011-2012 by installing the famous David Auradou on the sidelines. The former 2nd row of Stade Français has returned to pro rugby and Sarlat has continued on its way. Classic Southwestern Federal club life. Then arrived at the head of the club an accountant named Jean-Luc Menchon. It was he who allowed one of his clients like no other, Dominique Einhorn, to discover the local team.

Who is Dominique Einhorn and how did he end up in Sarlat?

This Strasbourg businessman made his fortune in the digital revolution in the USA. A frantic entrepreneur, he has never lost too much contact with the oval ball thanks to the matches of the France team. Based on his many years of experience, Dominique wanted to launch a start-up incubator / accelerator (Uniqorn) dedicated to technology in his native country. But why in Sarlat? “My wife is a Vietnamese doctor who grew up in Los Angeles. In 2017, we agree to leave the USA and settle in France. We made a ranking of the 54 cities that we had already visited in France and when we crossed our lists… Sarlat was 1st on both sheets“. Simple flight to Bergerac and installation in the Dordogne sub-prefecture. At first glance, it seems strange to start a business in Sarlat, but the city has some advantages beyond its quality of life.

  • 2 hours drive from Bordeaux and Toulouse
  • 7th most visited city in France
  • 1h30 flight from Bergerac to London

Rugby: essential step for a Sarlat?

Its chartered accountant president of the club, Dominique Einhorn was quick to put his nose to the stadium. The crush is immediate. A whole village united around this oval ball gives ideas to the entrepreneur who sees in the rugby club “the oldest start-up (118 years old) that we will accelerate“. And it has notably gone through a very strong marketing activation to make Sarlat Rugby talk. Dominique Einhorn has put his employees on the spot to do the digital promotion of the club:

  • The club’s social networks have exploded. 53 000 fans on Facebook
  • A Youtube channel hosted by the club mascot
  • Contracts signed with TV channels in the USA, Canada and Latin America (!) Seduced by the somewhat crazy project
  • Derivatives in 25 shops around Sarlat

But isn’t it all going a little too fast? Funding going to keep pace with hell? Dominique Einhorn is not worried: “We have already structured the club to grow quickly and well. I chair an SAS (in agreement with the association) whose budget has been increased to € 700,000 this season in Federal 2. We will balance it despite the Covid and aim to reach 1.2 million euros from the next season “. What to aim for a rise in Federal 1 quickly with a workforce that will expand with professional players. The latter are integrated into Dominique Einhorn’s incubator to work or train in digital professions. A double project that could benefit 30 employees in 2021-2022.

Like any respected business leader, the president of SAS has set a strong goal: the Pro D2 in 5 years. The American dream will therefore go through three climbs and a return to standards of the stadium already budgeted by the town hall. The project may seem crazy but it is carried by a seasoned man who does not want to be a patron but to bring a viable “business model” to a rugby club. Can a village of 10,000 inhabitants without a patron come to the professional rugby table?


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