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Catalan sport is divided between supporters and detractors of the new sport law that is forged in Parliament after the Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia (UFEC) pushed for a Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) and agreed with the government. Opponents have joined a new platform, Esport Som Tots, and threaten mobs if the new law “does not represent 100% of the sector”.

No one seems to trust anyone in the world of Catalan sport, who lives in a situation of discord that seemed impossible three years ago. The major entities in the sector in January 2017 agreed on the National Pact of Physical Activity and Sport, a consensus document that was the starting point for a future law. “But UFEC started a popular legislative initiative (ILP) in a personal way, seeking more funding for federated sports and not the entire sector,” says Pere Manuel, leader of Sport Som Tots. . The consensus was broken. And the distrust began, which went up and down according to the moment.

The Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia gained great popular support. It collected more than 150,000 favorable signatures, but also rejected the entities that now comprise the new opposition platform. “The initiative seeks to create a new body that will take on public powers and decide on the subsidized activities. It’s a monopoly, “reports Sport Som Tots. UFEC denies this. “It is false. Nothing is privatized. And this law also does not affect those entities that oppose it, “says Gerard Esteva, President of UFEC.

The secretary-general of the sport, Gerard Figueras, also did not see clear the proposal of Esteva, that seemed as if it darkened. “There was an ego conflict,” says a source close to the two leaders about the negotiations. After months of disagreements, Figueras and Esteva agreed on a common text, currently in parliamentary proceedings with the guarantee of Junts per Catalunya, ERC and the PSC.

“The Government’s response was lukewarm. He agreed under pressure the signatures collected by UFEC. The current consensus is very precarious because a sector-wide agreement was not sought, “says Pere Manuel now. Esteva disagrees: “We have all relented. The current text does not satisfy anyone in its entirety. So there are no winners. But maybe we haven’t explained who the law is specifically aimed at. ” It affects the relationship between the administration and non-profit organizations.

Threat of protests

The current situation is complex and protests in the sector are mounting. “We will take the necessary measures to relieve our concerns,” warns Esport Som Tots. Ramon Canela, director of the DiR gyms and member of the platform, proposes to gather signatures: “Who is UFEC to try to direct the entire Catalan sports sector? If they collected 150,000 signatures in favor, we can do the same. And get many more! “

Next February 3rd a colloquium will be held with all the parties involved. “It’s a space for sharing ideas,” explains the organization. And to quench the rebellion that is taking place in Catalan sport.



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