The German economy has the planned heavy US sanctions against the Iran
sharply criticized and warned of massive consequences. With the one-sided
Reintroduction of new sanctions increases the risk of political
Destabilization in the Middle East, said the president of the Federal Association
German Industry (BDI), Dieter Kempf der German Press Agency: The instrumentalization of the world economy for
Political goals of the USA are burdening international relations and
the transatlantic partnership, said Kempf.

The United States want Iran from
 Monday with further economic sanctions, especially the
Oil industry, the financial sector and the transport industry and the important ones
 Meet ports. The sanctions were with the nuclear agreement of 2015
exposed. The US, however, is against the Council of Europeans,
Russia and China dropped out of the agreement. They had after that
already the first measures against individual industries
 seized in Iran.

Kempf said most states have
recognized that a stronger Iranian economy to stabilize the
Region and strengthen reform forces in Iran. "The
Recent US sanctions limit economic prospects
of Iran unnecessarily. "

The President of the German Industry
and Chamber of Commerce (DIHK), Eric Schweitzer, said the German Press Agency, the
US sanctions are particularly noticeable for Iran, because the oil and gas
Gas business is the country's main source of income: "The Iranian
 The economy is already on the verge of recession. The economy
should shrink for the foreseeable future ".

The trade relations
be from the sanctions in the financial and logistics sector, said Schweitzer. Payments are already in progress
very difficult as hardly any more banks do business with Iran.
"German companies are increasing in the face of the current situation
 from the Islamic Republic and close their representative offices.
The Iran business is in danger of coming to a complete standstill. "



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