Federer, Serena Williams, Valverde and other icons who have retired

Suddenly. A Thursday, at half past six in the afternoon and without prior notice. The withdrawal of Gerard Piqué It caught practically everyone off guard and was a sport for both football and the world of sport in general. It is true that the center-back was not going through his best sporting moment and that his goodbye could be presumed relatively close, but the fact that he did not even finish the current season is something that fell like a slap in the face of reality.

It was formed in the farmhousebeing a kid he went to England to try to succeed in Manchester United and, after a fleeting step through the Royal Saragossa, Gerard Piqué ended up returning to what was always his home. Since 2008, the Catalan has worn the shirt of the Barcelona Soccer Club. Little by little he was gaining stripes, he became part of the best Barça of history and reached the captaincy. As if that were not enough, he was world champion and Europa with the Selection.

A myth, therefore, of Barça and Spanish football that says goodbye and that comes to add weight to the already long list of important athletes who say goodbye or have already done so in 2022. The year will go down in history for being one of those in which several emblems and historical figures from different disciplines agreed to announce their withdrawals, although others have done so in worse conditions, forced by health problems that have prevented him from continuing with his career.

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Roger Federer y Serena Williams They leave, in a certain way, an orphan of a tennis that has enjoyed its successes for many years. Alexander Valverde, the most successful Spanish cyclist in recent decades, leaves a void that is difficult to fill. footballers like Higuain o Ribery they also said enough, while a four-time world champion of formula 1 as Sebastian Vettel slam on the brakes.

low in tennis

Perhaps the most notorious farewell of the year is that of Roger Federer. The Swiss tennis player, after a long career of success, finally decided to hang up his racket at 41 years of age. With a whopping 20 Grand Slams in his record, only surpassed by Novak Djokovic y Rafael NadalRoger will go down in history as one of the greatest ever in this sport and one of the most elegant players.

That yes, after many years of injuries and physical suffering, selecting a lot his few appearances, he could not resist anymore and was forced to get off the competition ship. He did it in an emotional Making Cupin a doubles match with his best friend on the circuit, Rafael Nadal, and with tears in his eyes. Tsonga, another renowned player in recent years, also hung up his racket.

Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal, in tears after the Swiss’s last professional match


However, it has not been the only tennis emblem that has said goodbye. The great reference of the women’s circuit in recent years, Serena Williamsalso said goodbye before the dispute of the US Open of this season. Your posts in the magazine Vogue and in their social networks they were clear, and they even received tributes in the American tournament.

That was a complete withdrawal, especially since she wanted to focus on being a mother again, although she has recently spoken publicly and said that there is a “high” probability that she will return to the court. She remains to be seen, since it would not be the first case of an athlete who regrets her withdrawal and decides to return.

Alejandro Valverde, the winner

Spanish cycling had been smelling it for many years, and even he himself had already rectified on the fly last year, but this 2022 has not passed the withdrawal of Alexander Valverde. At 42 years old, the Murcian considered that the time had come to say goodbye to professional cycling and that his form seemed to say the opposite.

At this end of the season, in his last races, he had been seen with the best and had real chances of victory, but this time there was no way to change his mind. Valverde said goodbye leaving behind 133 victories and being the most successful Spanish cyclist in recent decades. A different runner, with an unusual nose to finish off, who culminated his work by being world champion in 2018.

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He has not been the only award-winning veteran to put an end to his sports career. In this 2022 too Vincenzo Nibali says goodbye to cycling, one of the beacons of Italian sport in recent times that leaves with two twistsand Tour and another Back to Spain. No less important is the withdrawal of Philippe Gilbert at 40, a vintage Belgian classic who was world champion in 2012.

Unfortunately, other runners have had to withdraw not because of age or exhaustion, but because of bigger issues. It is the case of Sonny Colbrelli, the Italian who saw his sports career cut short in an unexpected way. At the end of a stage of the past Return to Cataloniafainted and was on the verge of losing his life, so his heart problems have made him unable to get on the bike again.

Vettel, the four-time champion

Sebastian Vettel He is one of the best drivers in the history of Formula 1. His track record says so, in which the four consecutive World Championships he won between 2010 and 2013 stand out. At the wheel of his Red Bullbecame an absolutely unbeatable driver during those seasons, and bordered on a fifth title that eluded him on several occasions.

Sebastian Vettel during a Formula 1 Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel during a Formula 1 Grand Prix

Europa Press

This year is your goodbye. Vettel has already done it all in Formula 1, in his estimation, and now he has other priorities. He himself has said it, he prefers to focus on his family and on seeing his children grow up.

In football, the last one is Gerard Piqué but before that others have already announced their retirement or have directly said goodbye. It is the case of Franck Ribery. The Frenchman put the end of his sports career in the Salerno After having accumulated titles throughout his fruitful sports career in clubs such as Galatasaraythe Olympic Marseillethe Fiorentina and especially the Bayern Munich.

Others will retire at the end of this season, already in 2023. This is the case, for example, of Gonzalo Higuainthe former player of Real Madrid that will close the circle in the Inter Miamiand other emblem like Joaquinin the Real Betisyou might as well hang up your boots.

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In athletics, the legendary American Allyson Felixalso said goodbye at 36 years of age, leaving behind, among other milestones, 13 golds in the World Cups. in basketball, Laia Palauone of the best players in all history in spain, also stopped shooting hoops. the judoka Sandra Sanchezfor her part, is another of those who will leave her professional sports activity and her Olympic gold in kata will remain in the past tokyo games.

Other renowned athletes such as Nick Kyrgios, Marc Gasol o Verstappen They have already said that their retirement is very close, and it will not be strange that in the coming months they can announce that they are leaving their respective sports. The last one has been Gerard Piqué who puts the culmination of a year full of farewells of great references.