Federer would be number 76 and Medvedev the ATP leader without the ranking freeze due to the pandemic




EOn July 6, 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, the ATP announced that the traditional ranking of 52 weeks, in which the 18 best results are counted, was changed to another of 22 months (March 2019 – December 2020).

Subsequently, an update was made and the protection of the world ranking was extended until August 15. Since Cincinnati week, the ticket list is back to normal.

During this period of time, according to a study carried out by the French website Jeu, Set et Maths, some tennis players have benefited and others have suffered.

Among the beneficiaries there are names like Gilles Simon, who should be 202 and is 100; Nick Kyrgios, the 95 when it would correspond to occupy the position 180 or Stan Wawrinka, the 49 when it would be the 128.

Another who has taken advantage of the new scoring system is Roger Federer. The Swiss, who since the start of the pandemic He has only played five tournaments, all in 2021, remains immovable in the ‘top10’, specifically it is the ninth racket. It would correspond to be in position 76.

Little will vary the positions of the other two members of the ‘Big Three’. In the case of Novak Djokovic would move from the top of the ATP podium to second place while Rafael Nadal it will drop from sixth to seventh place.

Among the five professionals most affected by the ranking freeze is Bernab Zapata. The Valencian, currently in position 119 and whose top is 110, would be at 79, which means entering most tournaments and thus earning much more money than is contained in his checking account.

In the case of Carlos Alcaraz placeholder image, the new sensation of Spanish and world tennis, left the US Open with the best classification ever in 38th place. With the traditional ranking in hand it will be 23.