Federer’s record that no one has been able to match

09/19/2022 at 16:30


The Swiss was number 1 in the world for 237 consecutive weeks

No other player in the entire history of tennis has achieved this.

The former tennis player, Roger Federerhas been one of the best players in history. With a total of 20 Grand Slams in his pocket, the player has marked a before and after and a career that has kept him number 1 in the world for 237 consecutive weeks.

The Swiss, who He leaves at the age of 41 and with a significant burden of injuries in recent timesis the player who has been uninterruptedly the longest at the top of the ATP ranking with a wide difference since 1973when the list was established.

The 20-time Grand Slam winner is ahead of other historical players such as Jimmy Connors (160), Ivan Lendl (157), Novak Djokovic (122) y Pete Sampras (102).

Federer, Djokovic and Nadal, a historic rivalry

The Helvetian is the first of the historic trio of rivalries to retire professionally. It is a war that has left Nadal (22) and Djokovic (21) as the most successful men’s tennis circuit in history.

Former world number 1 he won his last Grand Slam in January 2018, in what was his sixth US Open, the second in a row. After winning the US Open and Wimbledon in 2017, the Swiss closed his glorious circle consolidating himself with a total of 20 great titles.

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