Feed back viewers, “Translate, love me with your heart”, ending

Aired only 5 episodes, but the strong flow did not fall. Squeeze the heart not to rest with the series. Translation of love me with her heart from Nadao Bangkok, known as making the audience both in and out and shed tears to the story of the relationship of Tae (Buakin-Putthipong Assaratanakul) and Oh Aew (P P-Krit Amnuaydechakorn) who had to find out their relationship

In EP.5 that aired on the night of November 19 Took the hashtag #translation, love, ending, soaring to be number one on Twitter, where fans were hoping to get on the edge of the screen Plus surprise, the sequel story Translation of Love Me with Your Heart Part 2 that will come for everyone to follow in March next year, unexpectedly. Called both in the story of Te-Oh Aew and also learn about their developing relationship as well.
Let’s have a look at what the viewers say about the series. Translate love me with your heart Through the hashtag twitter # Translate what is the end of love?

Netizens opinion
Please see the costume department Art department Very detailed Who told fitting, everyone is believed Parents’ clothes, Oh Aew, very cute. Get along very well Like friends, everyone wears red and blue. Art has arranged very beautiful elements as well, each scene has a little red and blue control.

It’s very heavy in the first part. I can’t guess how Na Dao is going to write part 2 but trust Boss Boss and Na Dao. I never dreamed that there would be a part 2, Na-Dao, I have never done anything like this. Thank you for supporting Build Phi Phi and bringing out this much of his potential. I can’t think of anything if Bewkin PP was not in the Dao.

Go stock is the key to unlock everything in mind. Do you like men? Who’s not okay, but I’m okay. You can love anyone, oh my, each word, I love the goosebumps. Thank you very much for reminding him.

Bas and Tan are really safe zones. In one life, I want to have friends like this. Basketball is not wanting to be hurt by the people you love. As for the words of Tan, it makes our hearts very full. We should be proud of ourselves, these two are the best, love.

The true story of our people is like this, right? Even if someone is with us in the best or worst times Or how good it is for us But in the end, if you can choose, we can choose the person of your heart anyway, even if that person is bad for us. Be mean to us.

Actually, and the person who loved Oh Aew from start to finish is Bazana, obviously, but have to retreat because the heart of Oh Aew is already belonging to Tao. It was a sacrifice for oh well and the audience. And I can’t forget another one, Tan. Is the one who always pulls his mind Had to give in because the heart was already belonging to Oh Aew Oh, brother, too.

Tae Oh Aew served so perfectly. We thank Tae and Oh Aew very much. That brought everyone to know about Bukin Phi Phi Thank you both of them very much. Today there are many more people who love you. Thank you for bringing Bulikin and PP to this far. Thank you very much to all of the team members for bringing Te and Oh Aew a lot for us to know.

The script is very real, very good, excellent director, thumbs up for the quality team, the performers are good, the picture is beautiful, the music is not uncomfortable. Clear the feelings of all characters Encourage Tae and Oh Aew A love that has nothing to “deprive” without limitation of sex, without limitation Set my heart free Stay together forever

It’s a really must-watch series. Did not focus on selling Jin It feels like a real person’s love story. That can go in with Pay attention to gender equality, do not press any gender to be low or high, all sexes normal, good script, good picture, good actor, good music, really admire all staff. It is really setting the standard for the series.

It’s a masterpiece series, the whole crew is really The Best. Actor, director, supporting actor, light, tone, ost, it’s really awesome. I want the whole world to eat this work. I am proud that this series is produced by Thai people.


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