Feed this animal, it will be a helper in the afterlife, said Ustadz Abdul Somad

North Sulawesi portal – What animal can be a helper later in the afterlife? Listen to Ustadz Abdul Somad’s explanation.

Ustadz Abdul Somad answered a question about whether a cat could be a helper in the afterlife.

Besides cats, Ustadz Abdul Somad also said that there are other animals that can be help animals in the afterlife.

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So, what animal can be a helper in the afterlife that Ustadz Abdul Somad explained?

The following is Ustadz Abdul Somad’s explanation about the helper animals in the afterlife, quoted by from the ALMAHASIN YouTube channel which was uploaded on June 8, 2021.

Previously, Ustadz Abdul Somad explained about a hadith that tells of a woman who is a prostitute, her sins are forgiven in the afterlife for giving a dog to drink.

“The hadith about WTS women giving them to drink dogs wearing shoes is the argument that all animals that we make are good, so we get shodaqoh rewards,” said Ustadz Abdul Somad.