Feeding only what's in nature, that's what an American did


An American decided to eat only what he found in nature for a year.

A year ago, Rob Greenfield challenged himself: to eat only what he has in his garden, what he catches or what he finds in the wild for a year, said the Courrier Picard.

"This year, I grew or recovered 100% of my food: no supermarket, no restaurant, no beer at a bar ", he explained to AFP as the daily reports. On the menu for example: deer with garlic, pepper, coriander, dill and coconut milk.

From the beginning, this 33-year-old activist lives in a house in the garden of an owner in the city of Orlando, United States.

Through this experience, which he tells in his Youtube channel, he has a goal: to inspire people to live more simply. "Encourage them to question their food, change their diet, grow their own food, support local farmers and eat in a way that is better for the planet, our communities and ourselves ", he said.

Will he have succeeded? Chances are, it ends on November 10th.


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