Feeling Betrayed, Net89 Trading Robot Office Members Sue WD! ATG Customers Can Follow the Monitoring

ABOUT CIBUBUR – Trading robot members are getting impatient with the difficulty of withdrawing their investment funds (withdraw/WD).

There are those who have reported to the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police, while others have taken action by raiding the trading robot office where they invest.

This is what Net89 members, a trading robot managed by PT Simbiotic Multitalenta Indonesia (PT SMI) have done.

As is known, the government has blocked a number of trading robot companies for allegedly violating the Commodity Futures Law and misusing the SIUPL of the Ministry of Trade.

Among the trading robot companies that were blocked were DNA Pro, Viral Blast, Fahrenheit, ATG (Auto Trade Gold), and Net89.

The government’s steps became more visible after the trading robot had difficulty returning the investment funds of its members and some even failed to pay.

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It makes the members act. There are those who have reported to the Bareskrim Polri, there are also those who raided the robot trading office to ask for certainty about their investment funds.

As done by Net89 members. This can be seen from the photos of Net89 members’ actions at one of the trading robot offices.

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