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Feijóo: “I hope and wish to see Pope Francis on a pilgrimage to Galicia in 2022” | Radio Galicia

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The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has seen Pope Francis happy and receptive to a more than possible visit to Galicia. After attending a audience in the Vatican accompanying the archbishop, Julian NeighborhoodFeijóo assures that the Argentine condition of the Supreme Pontiff has facilitated the negotiations, because Francisco is a good connoisseur of the Galician reality.

Feijóo has explained to the Pope that walking the road is safe, the level of immunity is increasing, and the community has a anticovid insurance for pilgrims. In fact, he has explained the details of that initiative of the Galician government, that insurance for tourists against the effects of the coronavirus.

Feijóo has left a clue about the date on which the Pope will be in Santiago, it will be in 2022, now it only remains for the Church to officially confirm the date. In an interview in Hoy por Hoy Santiago, the former dean and current pilgrimage delegate of the Cathedral, Segundo Pérez, has advanced that the pontiff’s intention is to visit Compostela at the end of July next year.

Feijóo, who unlike his trip to the Vatican in 2010, This time it was only, he did not go to see the Pope with his current sentimental partner, Éva Cárdenas, gave the pontiff a book about Galician pazos and gardens, and one of the bronze scallop shells that are placed during the Camino and expressed the desire that he be able to step on it when he arrives in Santiago.

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