Felicia Garza confessed that she considers herself asexual

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Felicia Garza 79 years old, she feels better than ever, living happy and full, after the transformation from man to woman that took place in September 2014. Now, Felicia tells us that she is in an antiandrogen-based treatment, for life ; and that due to it he has completely lost sexual desire.

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However, he assured that this situation does not cause him any conflict, since for several years he has fulfilled his life’s dream of having children; in addition to maintaining the love relationships he wanted.

Felicia Garza feels happy and full

“When we make this change, many of us reach asexuality, because that sexual part has already been overcome. I feel full and fulfilled, like what I already had children, I had relationships with whoever I wanted, and I feel satisfied in that regard ”.

Felicia TVN

The singer-songwriter also confessed to us that since she separated from her last partner, just over 7 years ago, she has not been intimate with anyone, but she does not feel any need; She also says she is not interested in falling in love again: “There is an age for everything, I am already about 7 years old that I do not have that need, there is still that possibility but not anymore. I almost practically beat myself up with hormones because that kind of feeling was taken away from me because I take antiandrogens. ”, ended.

Felicia has been without a partner for 7 years

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