Fellini, positive passenger, sends travel companions to quarantine

With 42 new cases registered on Tuesday, Emilia-Romagna returns to be one of the regions most affected by the covid. Outbreaks from abroad are feared in particular. Here’s what happened a few days ago in Rimini.

A flight that lands at Rimini’s Fellini airport. Origin: Albania. On board there is a man, of Tuscan origin, who had no symptoms on boarding but who, after returning home, turned out to be positive for coronavirus. From there the fiduciary isolation was triggered towards the other passengers who made the journey seated next to him, all resident in Rimini, and who could therefore have contracted the disease. It is one of the many cases of the risks that run during this period when it comes to covid and travel, reported today on the pages of Corriere Romagna. In particular from the Balkans, where there is one of the most active outbreaks. Another episode, also at Fellini, happened a few days ago, when a 21-year-old Albanian landed in Rimini, landed from Tirana with an Albawings flight. The young woman said she came to Romagna to visit a cousin. Invalid justification for entering Italy from a country at risk and which has therefore been sent home. Another contagion, also from Albania, was found in Cesenatico, while another positive was found in Cesena from abroad, this time from Poland. Aircraft that can turn into a dangerous vehicle of contagion but on which the restrictive measures are not applied in a rigid way as for travel in trains. If you still travel spaced on high-speed trains in Italy, this is not the case in planes, where passengers can sit side by side. The only obligation is that of the mask, which must be worn throughout the trip. Experts explain that, unlike on trains, circulation systems filter air much faster on flights. This is the reason for the choice.

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