The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the White House was considering replacing Long before Hurricane Florence's East Coast. However, John Kelly, the chief of staff, decided to leave Long in his role until the internal guard's final report was completed, a source familiar with the matter said.
Politically, last week, there were also conflicting reports about Homeland Security Minister Kirstenen Nielsen Long asking for resignation, with one official familiar with the meeting and the news side saying it did, but he declined to volunteer his position to leave.
For a long time, NBC told Meet the Press on Sunday that Nielsen did not ask for his resignation and that he is cooperating with the DHS inspector investigation.

"Minister Nielsen never asked me to resign," Long said. "We have a very functional and professional relationship, we speak every day, and we both focus exclusively on Florence."

When asked if he wanted to resign, Long replied, "No, no, no, no, I'm here to serve my country every day, that's all I'm doing."

A senior government official who confirmed to CNN last week that there is an ongoing investigation includes, but is not limited to, Long abusing government vehicles and personnel for his six-hour trips between his home in North Carolina and FEMA headquarters in Washington, DC , Politico first reported on the existence of the investigation.

Also on Sunday, Long CBS told Face the Nation that he ran the agency "in the same way as it was for everyone before me".

"I never did – I would never deliberately violate rules that I knew," he added.

Scott Pruitt, formerly Environmental Protection Administrator, and Tom Price, former Secretary of Health and Human Services, dropped out of investigations into their misuse of travel tax and other controversy.



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