FEMINICIDE – "They were the perfect couple," commented residents of the Guáyiga before the death of Fatima at the hands of her husband


"They were the perfect couple, we never imagined that something like this was going to happen. It took us by surprise," said residents of the municipal district of La Guáyiga before the death of Fatima Guzman at the hands of her husband.

As they narrated, the event occurred around 3:00 in the morning when a shot was heard and the cries of despair of the couple's children asking for help.

Claribel, who lives right next to the house where the incident occurred, spoke with journalists from Listín Diario and told how the whole event happened: "It was almost 3:00 in the morning I heard the shot, I was scared and second then I heard their son screaming for help. "

A few minutes Claribel left the house to see what happened.

"I thought it was a thief who had entered, but the boy told me that his father had hit his mother twice," he said.

Around 4:00 in the morning, Caribel said that a 911 ambulance arrived that removed Humberto from the place, who was alive, but with his head covered in blood, and later a vehicle arrived from the National Institute of Forensic Sciences ( Inacif) who raised the body of Fatima Guzman.

Like several inhabitants, Claribel does not understand why this tragedy occurred. "They did everything together, it was seen that they were a happy couple without any problems."

How was the couple

"Fatima was a very good, kind person, she was community and aspired to be a Guayiga union for the Dominican Liberation Paritdo (PLD) but in the end she had to withdraw her candidacy due to lack of support," said Porfirio, who said have contributed to her pre-campaign.

Similarly, various residents and residents of the sector, described the woman as a person very attached to her community: "She was very dear and respected here in Guáyiga."

On the other hand, the husband's family, Humberto Busi, described the man with a very silent, quiet person and "only spoke when his wife told him".

The sister of the alleged perpetrator, Roseliz Busi, said she was shocked at what was done by her brother, since she never saw any evil.

"They had a very good relationship, they were always together, they came here with some constancy and never showed any kind of problem," he explained.

So far, the current state of health of the husband is unknown and when the remains of Fátima Guzmán will be veiled.

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