FENERBAHCE NEWS | Championship and transfer words from Vitor Pereira

Fenerbahce Coach Vitor Pereiramade evaluations on the last day of the Topuk Plateau camp.

The Portuguese coach held a chat meeting with the members of the press at Fenerbahçe Serkan Acar Resort & Sports Topuk Plateau Facilities, where they camped as part of the preparations for the new season.

Expressing that he is trying to create a team that dominates the game in every team he works with and that he wants to become a champion with offensive football, Pereira said, “I always try to build teams that are offensive, have the ball and dominate the game in all the teams I work with. I try to build teams that dominate the game, score a lot of goals but also defend well. I create a team that tries to prevent the conditions that the opponent is trying to produce. A strong team can only be like this. There was such a team at that time, but Beşiktaş became the champion. We were also very strong, but they managed the process better. We all know what happened during the cutthroat race throughout the season. This time it’s stronger than him. We will try to form a team. When Fenerbahçe coach comes here, he knows that the goal is to win the championship. He cannot come to the second or third place. With the support of the fans, we will form a team that will reach the championship.” he said.

Expressing his happiness to be in Turkey again, the experienced technical man said, “I missed Turkey so much. I love this country, its people and the league. It is a great pleasure for me to be here. Our camp is very important, it is very important both to get to know the players, to tell the football we want, and to see the quality. In this time, we are in a good place to explain the ideas to our players. It’s a very important time.” used his statements.

Stating that it was very easy for him to decide to work in Fenerbahçe, the 52-year-old coach said, “I continue to work on football, I am still a coach trying to learn. It was a very easy decision for me to come here. My first thought was to rest, I received offers from many clubs. Ali It was very easy to make this decision when coach called. It was an emotional decision. My job here was unfinished and I wanted to come to complete it. My story with Fenerbahçe deserved another ending. This club also deserves the championship until the end. So I made my decision this way because I knew my goals. “You listened to the president’s plans and came here with great happiness and pride. My transfer process was managed as it should be, so no name was heard.” expressed his opinion

“We will set our priorities”

Vitor Pereira stated that they will determine their priorities for the squad they will start the season.

Reminding that their squad should consist of 28 players, including the goalkeepers, the experienced coach said, “What I’m going to do is to get the best out of the 28-person player group. Before I came here, I studied the player group very seriously, examined, analyzed and looked at what the players could give me. We evaluate our players and see what’s in the squad. We will see what is missing. We will determine our priorities. If we are going to get a new player here, the new player who comes here must increase the quality, otherwise it will be meaningless. We will include the players who will increase the quality in our squad. I always want to leave an open door to the youth players. Our aim is to create a strong squad ” made its assessment.

Emphasizing that they have been working together for a short time and trying to get to know the actors, Pererira continued:

“I am satisfied with the training performances of the forwards. When forming a squad, I try to evaluate them both individually and according to the time they play together. I try to observe them. I evaluate them individually and collectively. Over time, I will not be observed which positions should be transferred. As the matches are played, we will have a clearer idea. I am at university. I am a graduate. Like me, my assistants graduated from sports universities. We received training in physiology and physics. You can not only evaluate tactical and technical training. I also saw physical training in my education life. You constantly improve yourself and learn new things. This is the necessity of being a human. It is the responsibility of loving your job. You go to countries, the physical importance of each league changes. You have to work together not only physically, but also tactically, mentally, physically, to create a strong team.”