Fernando Ónega: The most painful expulsion

Fernando Ónega (Mosteiro, Pol, Lugo, June 15, 1947) is a journalist and president of the Editorial Committee of 65Ymás. He was press director of the Presidency of the Government of Adolfo Suárez, being the author of a good part of his speeches, among them the well-known “I can promise and I promise”, which inspired his daily section in More than one, Carlos Alsina’s program, called I can give my opinion and my opinion.

In addition, he was director of news in several radio networks, while in 1992 and 1993 he assumed the position of director of Onda Cero. Since April 2015, he collaborates in More than one, as well as in The compass, with a daily letter in the Juan Ramón Lucas program. Since 2019 he is also president of the daily Editorial Committee 65Ymás, el voz de los mayor, where he writes a daily opinion column.

He also analyzes the news every day at seven in the morning, raising the topics of the gathering an hour later. In 2020 he received the Ondas Award, an award that recognizes almost 40 years of daily political analysis on the radio. An essential chronicler since the early days of the transition. A voice heard and respected for its rigor and neutrality.

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