Entertainment Fernando Trueba revives the art of Bebo Valdés

Fernando Trueba revives the art of Bebo Valdés


The musician great but humble what was it
I drink Valdés
He was not obsessed with succeeding or being famous. He was one of those very few artists who put "his life and his family above his career". But the pianist and composer born in the province of Havana 101 years ago, and died in 2013 in exile in Stockholm, he was worried about that his music would continue to be heard "When he was gone." This is how he confessed to his friend and producer of much of his albums, the Madrid filmmaker
Fernando Trueba
. And so the filmmaker tells us when he presents the reedition of Bebo records with which he has wanted to revive his work and, thus, help fulfill his desire.

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The collection of themes and reissued albums, titled

I drink from Cuba
It results from an agreement between the Trueba label, 54th Street Records, and Universal Music. This is six albums of the artist plus a DVD of unpublished, another with the mixes of "excellent sound" album Cuban Suite by Nat Chediak and, as a complement, a book with texts and photos from the Trueba archive. The discs are presented in a box designed by Javier Mariscal's studio, co-director and author of the drawings of
Chico and Rita
(2010), animated film that, with music from the islander, was nominated for an Oscar.

Trueba does not forget the day he got Valdés to see the first

Chico and Rita

. "I wanted him to be the first to see her," he recalls. "I drink," he continues, "was in those days at his home in Benalmadena." So I took the train to Malaga, talked to a friend who got me a cinema for ourselves and, with Estrella Morente and his partner – the singer had collaborated in the film – we watched the movie in that empty room. ”

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oiszuzhwjr0 (/ embed) data-youtube-vid>

When the screening ended, Bebo was crying. “He hugged me and thanked me several times. I told him the opposite. And he replied: ‘No, Fernando. I thank you because when I'm not here and people go to see this movie, they will be listening to my music. ”

At the end of the screening of ‘Chico and Rita’ Bebo was crying. He hugged me and told me. ‘I thank you because when I am not here and people go to see this movie, they will be listening to my music

The six relaunched albums, which had been discontinued and now return to the commercial circuit, are
The art of flavor, Cuban Suite, Bebo's lot, Beautiful music, Bebo
Together forever
, the latter with four hands with the author's son and also great pianist Chucho Valdés.

The unpublished, fourteen in total, they come in part from the discards that the musician and the producer made when they recorded a piano album alone and, when selecting, they decided to keep the Cuban themes and sacrifice the others.

To the latter, among which Trueba highlights Bebo's version of

Ol ’Man River

, a recording of
Little walk
with the singer
Enrique Morente
and of
With little coconut
made in Salvador de Bahia.

Fernando Trueba, Carlinhos Brown and Bebo Valdés in the presentation of the movie 'The Miracle of Candeal', a documentary made in 2004 in the neighborhood of that name in Salvador de Bahia
(Roser Vilallonga)

"Purity" is the word that Trueba repeats most when talking about Valdés. Moral purity, for example when he left Cuba for principles and at a high cost; He never complained about the exile and the impossibility of returning to the island, "except when he was denied the visa he requested to see his mother before he died, which he never forgave." Y purity as an artist that, beyond virtuosity, composes and interprets "with soul". The soul that always makes it worth listening to. And that justifies the rescue of his art.

‘Purity’ is the word Fernando Trueba repeats most when it comes to the character and art of Bebo Valdés


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