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Ferran Palau: “I find musical transformation more interesting and constant change”


“I see musicians always doing the same thing, and I think that in the long run, it doesn’t work. I find more interesting the musical transformation, the constant change, the innocence to watch new music and to want to make it yours, this makes music move forward and different things happen “, assures the musician Ferran Palau, who presented this evening to the Girona Auditorium their fourth solo album, Kevin. Who was one of the promoters of the Anímic group performs today at the Neu! Festival, and also has concerts on Olot (Elmini festival, March 15) and Figueres (La Cate, May 15).

At the end of 2017, shortly before the album was released White, Palau was almost ready for the songs that are part of Kevin. “I am in a good mood for inspiration, the songs come easily to me and I have found a point where I am comfortable: I do something that I like, that is easy for me and I am very creative, but of course, this does not last long. always and at some point I will have to make a rethink, “he jokes, although he explains that when he has just released a record he is already working on the next one.

He claims that while maintaining “an essence that was already in the first songs” he did, he has progressively found a style, “consistent and personal”, in a process that, in fact, controls “little.”

“When I write letters I work chaining ideas, tweets or small headlines that end up forming something. I have a hard time telling stories, I write from the subconscious, I write and I don’t know what I write, but then the song takes on a form and a meaning, “he says.

“Although I am often called a songwriter, I do not identify with them, I do not see myself in the music of author. I like things like hip hop, which is apparently far removed from my style, but I do take things from this music to adapt it to my way of making songs and finding something new or different, “he continues. Palau, who at the concert in Girona will present the whole new album and recover some of the songs from the previous work.

An “open” listening

He disapproves of the divide between “what’s commercial and what’s not” and notes that he feels closer to the “more open” way young people listen to music, “without label thinking.” “I listen to a lot of styles of music, from Katy Perry to things that no one else can hear,” he says.

Take, for example, the music your child listens to, “inputs that you integrate into your day-to-day life and this is reflected in your songs.” “From big pop stars Katy Perry, Rosalia or Taylor Swift to trap, like Albany and other urban music … I hear with him every day and that information is leaking into what I do,” he emphasizes.

This has made them, “doing the same thing as always, have found a more accessible formula and that connects people to it.” “Over the last two albums I’ve gained a lot of new audiences, and it’s a mix of ages and types of people: very young people, families with children and even a 100 year old gentleman came to a concert!”

With the Parked Animated project, Palau has in his hands a new lineup, Baus, along with Louise Samson – his partner and accomplice in Anímic – and drummer Marc Eugeni, who is composing and rehearsing.

“How Baus’s music sounds is still to be discovered, but it is quite a lot cane, absolutely different from what I do with my personal project. It’s hardcore; When we got together we had no idea what music we were going to make, but in a couple of hours it took shape, “he says.



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