At first glance, the features of the Ferrari Superfast are recognizable on the one-off car, which was designed by Flavio Manzoni, the head of the Ferrari design center, but the inspiration was drawn in every detail from one of the brand’s esteemed fans and collectors in Taiwan.

Ferrari has built another unique wonder

At a second glance, however, it is also obvious that only some parts were carried over from the donor model – and in some places not even those – and all the lines and plate surfaces are completely unique, from the aerodynamic details to the headlights to the wheel rims.

Ferrari 23 built another unique wonder

Of course, the most important thing for the client was certainly the roof design: here completely new lines will take up the space. There are no mounting points on either the windshield frame or the top of the B-pillars (also completely redesigned), which can only mean one thing: the SP51 has no on-the-go roof at all.

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Ferrari 24 built another unique wonder

Even if it does not protect against the rain, the customer does not have to worry about the draft, the SP51’s aerodynamics have been optimized by computer simulation.

And its mass is left raw with carbon fiber elements, which are abundantly found both on the bodywork and in the passenger compartment. What’s more, it was even used on the previously mentioned, uniquely developed wheel rims, the turbine-shaped, twisted spokes are decorated with carbon inserts.

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After all these unique details, don’t be surprised that you won’t find the red color covering the body anywhere else – and yet: the Alcantara covering the passenger compartment has been given the same shade. Blue and white striping reminiscent of the style of the 1955 Ferrari 410S was also used inside and out.

The Ferrari 25 built another unique wonder