Ferrari PUROSANGUE, a mission to create a 4-door 4-seater car to have a sporty mood.

news thatwild horseWill produce a four-door, four-seater car that has been talked about in the automotive industry for many years, and finally Ferrari PUROSANGUE (Ferrari Purosangue) which in Italian means “Genuine” It was officially launched at the Teatro del Silenzio in La Cousin, near Pisa.

It is a record of 75 years of history of wild horses.

In the past, Ferrari has never had a car in this form before. However, the development of a 2+2-seat car with two smaller seats in the back has also played an important role in the marketing strategy as well.

Ferrari says the development of this model creates a different layout. compared to the car GT At present, it is often calledcrossover and SUV
Typically on modern GTs, the engine is set so far forward that it almost straddles the front axle. with a gearbox that is directly connected to the engine That makes the weight distribution improper. It lacks the dynamics and driving pleasure familiar to Ferrari customers and enthusiasts alike.

But for Purosangue, the engine is placed in the middle of the front. But separate the gear set to the back to achieve a sports car drivetrain layout. The Power Transfer Unit (PTU) is mounted on the front of the engine. This gives the car a 49:51 front to rear weight distribution ratio, which Maranello engineers agree is the ideal ratio for a front mid-engine sports car.

The engine used is a V12 angle of 65 degrees, no compressed air system. Drive system, size 6,496 cc, maximum power 725 horsepower at 7750 rev / min, maximum torque 716 Nm at 6250 rev / min, maximum engine speed of 8250 rev / min.

The intake, ignition and exhaust pipes are completely redesigned. The cylinder head is taken from the model. 812 Competition with improved mechanical efficiency and combustion by adapting from the concept derived from Formula 1 racing cars.

Ferrari PUROSANGUE, a mission to create a 4-door 4-seater car to have a sporty mood.

engine sound through the invention of the work process Both the engine’s combustion sequence All exhaust pipes of the same length Optimized for the best possible synchronization of all 12 cylinders.

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new air duct with improved air intake Provides high-pitched tones with mid-range frequencies. Both progressive mufflers can be operated via Manettino for both city and performance driving.

power through8-speed F1 DCT gearbox dual oil clutch It is more compact than before, reducing the height by 15 mm, making the center of gravity of the car lower as well.
According to Ferrari, the efficiency of the new clutch has been increased by 35% and supports torque during gear changes of up to 1,200 Nm. Release and hold the clutch faster than ever. This reduces the total time to change gears compared to the previous 7-speed DCT transmission.

The new gear ratio means each gear is shorter and more continuous. while the longer high gear ratio reduces fuel consumption when driving long distances. Shifting down low (Down shift) adjusts to work smoothly.

  • Top speed > 310 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h 3.3 seconds
  • 0-200 km/h 10.6 sec.
  • 100-0 km/h 32.8 meters
  • 200-0 km/h 129 meters

in design Body structure to affect driving performance and aerodynamic principles, Ferrari focusing on the underside of the car. and the Purosangue rear diffuser specially to achieve the most aerodynamics. with being a car with a higher undercarriage Other Ferraris from the past 75 years

while the front bumper and wheel arches work together. To help create an air curtain to cover the front wheels. Prevents reverse wind

Ferrari PUROSANGUE, a mission to create a 4-door 4-seater car to have a sporty mood.

Ferrari is also equipped with the latest dynamic control system. Including 4-wheel independent turning system and ABS ‘evo’ system with 6-way Chassis Dynamic Sensor.

and which is the world’s first launch Active suspension which helps to control the tilt of the car while cornering and cause the tire tread to remain attached to the ground while running on rough surfaces

Ferrari PUROSANGUE, a mission to create a 4-door 4-seater car to have a sporty mood.

Chassis is newly developed. carbon fiber roof help lose weight And the design team can also put the rear door hinges on the back (Welcome Doors), making it easier to get in and out of the car.

Ferrari PUROSANGUE, a mission to create a 4-door 4-seater car to have a sporty mood.

inside the cabin It has four heated electric seats and, of course, the largest luggage compartment that Ferrari has ever produced. In addition, the rear seats can be folded to increase luggage space.
The positioning of various devices It’s also the same as every Ferrari. make customers familiar with But the best thing is that the sitting position is easier to control.

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Ferrari PUROSANGUE, a mission to create a 4-door 4-seater car to have a sporty mood.

Ferrari PUROSANGUE, a mission to create a 4-door 4-seater car to have a sporty mood.

Ferrari PUROSANGUE, a mission to create a 4-door 4-seater car to have a sporty mood.

standard equipment installed, such as audio set Burmester And many special options to choose from, including movies. Alcantara New design, made from certified recycled polyester.

Purosangue’s chassis has been redesigned. The lower structure is aluminum alloy. with an increase of 30% torsional resistance, 25% of the beam hardness

Many of the parts are model production.hollow moldedThis makes it exceptionally thin, and also uses this special technology to increase the assembly quality for a more accurate, less component. and reduce the welding line

The tank is composed of a number of materials, includingAluminum, Carbon Fiber and high strength steelused in key areas and splicing joints with structural adhesive All this helps to gain strength. and reduce the weight of the car

The roof uses a one-piece carbon fiber with integrated sound insulation. is a new product It is 20% lighter than an aluminum roof with sound insulation. The end cap is made of aluminum and is electrically open-closed.

Ferrari PUROSANGUE, a mission to create a 4-door 4-seater car to have a sporty mood.

Aerodynamics, Ferrari says the Purosangue’s very different concave curves and limitations have their own unique characteristics. bring new challenges

Therefore, it is necessary to completely rethink both theory and problem solving. The ultimate goal is to reduce resistance, specific applications. and market demand as well as the need to reduce the heat of the V12 engine.

In the development process, Ferrari spent hundreds of hours in the wind tunnel. and a computational simulator in aerodynamic motion. thousands more

The main focus of this story is the middle part of the car which is necessary to design the airflow including reducing the front surface area Therefore, the front shape is designed to create a seamless continuity between the maximum arc area of ​​the hood and the top edge of the windshield as much as possible. The area behind the roof, rear window and spoiler is where the hard work is done. because it is fundamental in dealing with the separation of flow and pressure fields of air.

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A floating roof spoiler adjusts the curvature of the airflow of the passenger’s overhead area. The ridge on the edge of the tailgate, which rises only 7 mm, sends a vortex of airflow to create a slight compression at the rear of the car.

Another important part is The air flows from the four wheels. A variety of air outlets have been used to address this problem. This includes the integration of ventilated fins into the floating front and rear wheel arch trim panels.

But the most complex system is at the front. Both the bumpers and the fins work together to create an air curtain on the front wheels. Prevents transverse air turbulence.

Rear of the front wheel arch trim panel There is an additional tube profiled to increase air intake from the inside of the wheel. The same method is also used in the rear wheel arches in conjunction with the vents in the wheel arches. Additionally, the outer surfaces of the wheel arches have been optimized to optimize the airflow separation points. which will continue to flow along the sides of the car and the wheels as well

Ferrari PUROSANGUE, a mission to create a 4-door 4-seater car to have a sporty mood.

Body dimensions and weight

  • Length 4,973 mm.
  • Width 2,028 mm.
  • Height 1589 mm.
  • Wheelbase length 3,018 mm.
  • The width of the front wheelbase is 1,737 mm.
  • Width of the rear wheelbase 1720 mm.
  • Empty weight of the car 2,033 kg.
  • Fuel tank capacity 100 liters
  • Luggage compartment capacity 473 liters

wheels and tires

  • Page 255/35 R22 J9.0
  • After 315/30 R23 J11.0

brake system

  • Front 398 x 38 mm.
  • Back 380 x 34 mm.

electronic system

  • Side Slip Control (SSC) Version 8.0
  • All-wheel drive 4RM-S evo
  • Active suspension (Ferrari active suspension technology)
  • F1-Trac system
  • Anti-lock braking system ABS ‘EVO’ with Traction Assessment System Version 2.0