Fertiberia TECH launches a new application to give farmers the best recommendations on fertilization

Fertiberia TECH has launched this Thursday 30 the new Fertiberia TECH application, a mobile application to support farmers, technicians and distributors, with detailed information and recommendations on fertilization and also the most effective Fertiberia TECH solutions for this purpose.

The Fertiberia TECH APP presents the range of products by application mode, with their description and possible use in each crop, providing recommendations for plant nutrition, the most important nutrients and deficiencies and toxicities, depending on the locality where the farmer is located. In addition, there is the possibility of creating a personal profile, where the user, by selecting a favorite crop and product, receives segmented and personalized notifications according to his preferences.

Providing updated content, the new application is more interactive, allowing better communication with the user, with a completely new and optimized design. In this new application it is possible to interact with the technical and commercial team quickly, by sending messages with photos and videos of their crops, and also identify their needs through an identification menu with images.

“With this new mobile application we intend to increase proximity with professionals in the agricultural sector, supporting them technically with our most effective and profitable plant nutrition solutions, adding recommendations on fertilization. We believe that the Fertiberia TECH APP will be very useful due to its content, responding more quickly and efficiently to the needs of farmers and technicians”, says Jorge Meireles, head of Marketing Fertiberia TECH.

The application with these recommendations on fertilization is available for Android and IOS and the download is completely free. Although it is mainly intended for farmers or technicians, the application can be downloaded by anyone with an interest in the area and who will have the option to access all the advantages.

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