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The final spectacle of the 23rd edition of FETY

Large open-air shows, intimate performances on the border of new circus art, dance theater, movement, new media and puppet shows, using the means of animated form. Already on Thursday, for the 24th time, FETA, a great celebration of street and outdoor theater, will be trodden. Artists from Spain, Germany, Finland and Lithuania will come to Gdańsk. The performances will be performed in the Reagan Park and Przymorze, most admission is free (three performances are ticketed, tickets cost 10-20 PLN). The weather forecasts indicate that rainfall is a must.

FETA in Przymorze. The festival of outdoor and street theaters is coming

After two years of a pandemic break International Festival of Outdoor and Street Theaters FETA returns to Gdańsk. This time, the area for the presentation of theaters from all over Europe will be the vicinity of green Przymorze and the seaside Reagan Park.

Nearly 20 theaters from Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Lithuania and Israel will come to Gdańsk. The festival program includes both great open-air shows, intimate performances on the borderline of new circus art, dance theater, movement, new media and puppet shows, using the means of animated form. These are proposals for children, adults and those without age limits. We have selected five that are worth paying special attention to.

Festival map

“Beautiful nothing” Mimo Mime Theater (Poland) – Sunday (10.07), around the ping pong square – free admission

Ten outdoor mime theater performance was prepared on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Theater, which was founded by Bartłomiej Ostapczuk as a one-actor theater. However, it quickly transformed into a team, and the artistic searches of the actors resulted in the development of a recognizable theater language beyond words. Their performances are based on images, situations and bringing objects to lifeand at its core is the craft of pantomime art. In their non-verbal stories, they try to express the essence of feelings and emotions through movement and gesture, without avoiding a bit of absurdity.

“Beautiful Nothing” takes place in a room where the protagonist of the story is stuck in a loop of time. Similar actions take on different meanings each day, with different consequences. Nothing in this space is what it initially seems. Windows, doors, walls and objects have their own ideas for the characters we observe. It is a performance full of humor, body poetry and theater of an animated object, not devoid of subtle interactions with the viewer, which, as it turns out, can set the course for the whole story.

Sunday July 10 at 21. Duration: 50 min. Free entrance.

Photos from the FETA festival from previous years

Teatr Pantonymy Mimo "Beautiful nothing"

Teatr Pantonymy Mimo "Beautiful nothing"

“Trip over” Theater Titanick (Germany) – Saturday and Sunday (9 and 10 July), around the Arc of Freedom sculpture – tickets PLN 20

Theater Titanick is one of the largest outdoor theater groups in Europe, which has shown its performances all over the world. That is why the open-air show “Trip over”, combining multimedia and live music, is already indicated as the biggest hit of the festival.

This theatrical journey is told in the form of a road movie. The heroes dream of being together, but they can’t. They miss each other and their journey becomes a search for a community. Live DJ he decides about the characters’ every move, giving the performance a pace and pulsating rhythm. The main element of the set design is the Old Ford Mustang – at the same time a home and a means of escape for travelers. Live action screen mixes both plans and fiction with reality.

The performance will be performed twice – on Saturday and Sunday (July 9 and 10) at 22. Duration: 70 minutes. Tickets at the price of PLN 20 are available at and in the festival center during the festival. The number of places is limited.

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Theater Titanick "Trip over"

Theater Titanick "Trip over"

“Il grande spettacolo della fine del mondo” Theater En Vol (Italy) – from Friday to Sunday (July 8-10), the playground of the Zespół Szkół Kreowaniaowania Reklamy – free admission

International City Theater By Vol from Sardinia returns to the FETA Festival after more than 17 years. After “MacchinAzione ed alter diavolerie” and “Gernice”, the group is now dealing with the issue of climate change, using visual theatrical language in an unusual way – using gestures.

To a socially engaged outdoor performance was inspired by the myth of the Roman goddess Ceres and her daughter Prosperina (Greek counterparts Demeter and Kora). The result was a tragicomic, ironic and grotesque spectacle on climate change. An original interpretation of the conflict between those who treat the earth with contempt and carelessness and those who care for the planet as Mother Earth. The performance does not give an unambiguous answer, but reflects our everyday life and our social responsibility.

The performance will be performed three times. On Friday (July 8) at 21 and on Saturday and Sunday (July 9 and 10) at 20:30. Duration: 50 min. Free entrance.

Theater In Vol "The great show of the end of the world"

Theater In Vol "The great show of the end of the world"

“Lost Dog … Perro Perdido” Cal y Canto Teatro (Spain) – Friday to Sunday (July 8-10) – around the Festival Center – tickets PLN 10

A stray dog ​​wanders the remnants of the world. He is looking for food, a warm place and a roof over his head. He came to the metropolis from the suburbs when he was still a puppy. He hasn’t barked once since he was abandoned. It is a night shadow that dodges the lights of cars.

It is a puppet show using the techniques of the theater of the object and animated form. It allows you to get to know the perspective of an abandoned dog. In a performance without words, emotions are expressed through the legs and feet of the actors.

What is worth going to the theater for?

Cal y Canto Teatro was founded in 2002. Its creators are Ana Ortega and Marcos Castro, who create their own vision of street theater. The performances of Cal y Canto Teatro have been staged at festivals all over the world: in Spain, Poland, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia, Israel …

The performance will be performed several times: on Friday (July 8) at 16 and 18:30, on Saturday (July 9) at 3:30 p.m., 5:15 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. and on Sunday (10 July) at 3:30 pm, 5:45 pm and 8:30 pm. Tickets at the price of PLN 10 are available at the festival center during the festival. The number of places is limited.

“Barnaba Puppet Shows” Barnaby Theater (Poland) – Friday, Reagan Park, near the boulevard – free admission

The festival also took care of the youngest viewers. In the “Barnaba Puppet Shows” zone, the Barnaby Theater in Gdańsk will present three puppet shows for children: “Timothy among birds”, “The most wonderful pie in the world” and “Little Red Riding Hood”. The performances will be shown on three different scenes. Between the performances, children will be able to see behind the scenes.

The Barnaby Puppet Theater was established in 2014 in Gdańsk. The founder is Marcin Marzec – an actor, director and puppet designer. The Barnaby Theater regularly cooperates with many cultural institutions all over Poland and Europe. His performances can also be seen at numerous festivals, such as: Frytka OFF Częstochowa, GO Augustów, The Siege of Malbork, Ulicznica Gliwice and many others.

Friday (8 July) 15 – “Timothy among the birds”, 17 – “Piecuch the most wonderful in the world”, hours. 18:30 – “Little Red Riding Hood”. All performances last 45 minutes. An induction loop for the hearing impaired will be installed in the children’s performances zone, and the Barnaby theater performances will also be translated into PJM.

Teatr Barnaby

Teatr Barnaby