Fever for cheap MOTORCYCLES to the blue dollar: most wanted models

As with cars, motorcycle sales are booming due to the currency gap and the installment plans offered by brands

In the same way that has been happening in the vehicle sector, sales of motorcycles They also grow due to various factors.

From the Motor Vehicle Division of the Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (ACARA) reported that the number of units patented during June it was of 23.050, motovehículos, almost 9% more than in the same month last year, since in June 2019 21,171 units were registered.

“We had a good recovery in June, after very difficult months, which reinforces the idea that the current pandemic can positively influence activity because motor vehicles are the ideal alternative to public passenger service, which today we seek to discourage”, said Carlos Movio, ACARA’s institutional director.

“Fortunately, the Now 12/18 plan for the purchase of motorcycles was extended until December 31, something that is vital and we value,” he added.

In terms of participation, Honda comfortably leads the market with 4,876 units followed by Corven with 3,216, which moves Motomel to the third location, with 3,107, and also returns to the fourth Gilera step, with 2,419 units. For its part, Yamaha, which was fourth, closed in June the “top five” with 1,973 motorcycles.

Brands launch their own plans

In a context in which the sector is waiting for the confirmation of a plan with official support, which will offer 36 quotas and a subsidized rate, brands are already making their own incentives and are launching their own proposals with the Now 12 or 18 plan financing.

In the case of Corven, are offered as an option the best-selling models are the Energy 110 R2, with a public price of $ 52,990; and the Mirage 110, with a public price of $ 50,990.

Corven Energy, one of the best selling motorcycles.

Corven Energy, one of the best selling motorcycles.

In the case of Yamaha, offer 12 installments with a maximum financing of 180,000 pesos.

Some of the models are the Crypyon, with 12 installments of $ 9,800 and a suggested price of $ 117,600. It has a single cylinder 4T engine, air-cooled, with carburettor feed and a fuel tank capacity of 4.2 liters.

Yamaha, with four models in promo.

Yamaha, with four models in promo.

The other three models are two from the FZ line, the FZ SD, which is sold at a suggested price of $ 229,800 and the FZ S FI at a suggested price of $ 202.00. To these are added the XTZ 124 at 225,100 pesos.

“Today, the two wheels are highly valued for the possibility of isolation that they allow you to get where you need to go,” explained Luis Stefanuto, president of the Chamber of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (CAFAM).

Motorcycles are getting cheap for the blue dollar: with less than $ s400 you can buy a 0km model

Cheap motorcycles to the blue dollar

As with the autos, the exchange gap It is generating more people to turn to the purchase of motorcycles.

It is that, at the blue dollar, whoever has a little more than 300 dollars will be able to access a 0Km low-displacement model, as seen among the 10 best-selling models in Argentina:

Regarding the most patented model, there were significant changes and the Gilera Smash leads June, after years of uninterrupted reign of the Honda wave 110S, which also does not occupy the second position left for the Corven Energy 110, and was third. In the fourth and fifth place there were no changes and they are still occupied by the Motomel B110 and the Keller KN 110-8 respectively.

Thus, the best-selling is the Gilera Smash: in its cheapest version, this bike starts at $ 47,000, that is, near $ 376 at the blue exchange rate.

Gilera Smash 110, another of the cheapest motorcycles.

Gilera Smash 110, another of the cheapest motorcycles.

As reflected by ACARA’s figures, the second in the ranking is Corven Energy 110. The price of this model $ 53,500 in the entry-level version, with a dollar value of $ 425 (blue).

Corven Energy 110, opportunity with the plan now 12 and 18.

Corven Energy 110, opportunity with the plan now 12 and 18.

The Honda Wave, meanwhile, which was moved to third place, has a value that averages $ 93,000, that is, a value of $ 744 at the blue exchange rate

Honda Wave, the most sold.

Honda Wave, now the second best seller.

Motomel B110, meanwhile, it is the fourth best-selling model in the country. The Motomel model starts at $ 45,900, that is, $ 367 blue.

Motomel, with more and more sales.

Motomel, with more and more sales.

While in the fifth place was the Keller model KN110-8, which has a value of $ 43,490, that is, 347 dollars a blue.

Keller, another one of the top ten bikes.

Keller, another one of the top ten bikes.

In any case, Movio, from ACARA, warned that “in order to promote the use of two wheels, we have to be prepared and supplied, with a production and import of units that accompany the growing demand. Like what happens with the cars, there are already problems of replacement of units and if we do not manage to balance this issue we run the risk of passing up this real opportunity “.

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