Few people know it but this is the best bread to eat to keep us healthy

In recent years, the search for alternative flours to 00 flour has spread, which, as reported by various specialized magazines, could cause damage to our health. It is therefore good to look for valid alternatives. Not only with regard to flour but in general for all foods produced with flour.

One of the most often consumed products is bread. Bread is a basic element of our kitchen, we use it for many things and it is never missing on the table at every meal. Whether it is in the morning with a little jam, at lunch or dinner it is always present.

There is a very ancient type of bread that is universally considered excellent for its properties. Few people know it but this is the best bread to eat to keep us healthy. We are talking about spelled bread, a phenomenal type of bread with incredible nutritional characteristics.

Few people know it but this is the best bread to eat to keep us healthy

Spelled bread is a type of wholemeal bread that is becoming more and more popular in recent years thanks to its incredible nutritional properties. It is considered one of the best breads on a nutritional level. This bread is made with spelled flour, a flour that has significant beneficial effects.

In fact, spelled is a type of wheat that has never been crossed with other varieties. It is therefore purer and considerably more beneficial. This type of wheat is also low in gluten (but be careful, it is not suitable for celiac people) and is beneficial for our intestine.

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Spelled bread is definitely more beneficial for our body because it has many more nutrients. These include vitamin B2, fiber, protein, and essential amino acids. Additionally, this bread contains tryptophan, an amino acid that is often associated with mood enhancement.

It is a valid help to combat constipation and regularize intestinal activity thanks to its high fiber content. In addition, its high presence of proteins is able to give us a greater sense of satiety for longer.

It is a bread with many positive characteristics. Its sweetish flavor with a faint nutty aftertaste makes it particularly tasty and appreciated. But above all it is suitable for many preparations!


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