Few people know that you could have free electricity for several years with this solution that uses renewable energy

Every month or two the electricity and gas bills arrive at the house. They are not a welcome arrival and in fact lately they worry as well. The energy problem is putting various countries and with them families in difficulty. There have been no major price increases so far, thanks to government intervention. However, gas and electricity create energy dependence on producing or exporting countries.

The ideal would be to be able to produce energy in large quantities and that it costs little or is completely free. A bit like the energy of the sun that has been heating planet Earth for millions of years.

Europe is thinking of adopting policies with which to greatly reduce energy dependence. At least for families, the adoption of solar panels on homes in all EU countries is expected. Indeed, it appears that so-called renewable energies will be increasingly preferred in the future.

Some countries, such as France, have built several nuclear power plants to reduce energy costs. Now, for twenty years they have been amassing a large amount of radioactive waste on their territory. Fortunately, scientific advances in recent years give hope for nuclear fusion. A different principle that allows you to produce energy from matter, without polluting and almost for free. For its practical realization, however, it will take a few more years.

Few people know that you could have free electricity for several years with this solution that uses renewable energy

For this reason, Europe focuses on renewable energies like the sun. The European project is to equip commercial and public buildings with solar panels by 2025. For private homes, on the other hand, by 2029. However, from now on we could think of alternative solutions using wind energy, the wind energy.

In some areas, giant wind turbines have been installed that produce electricity. Especially in those areas where the wind is almost constant. In addition to the giants, there are also small ones, for family purposes. Perhaps they are not very widespread and little known, however compared to the first models, today they are very efficient.

The cost of a home wind turbine is binding at the time of purchase. However, after a few years, the purchase is amortized and the energy thus becomes free. Despite this, few people know that you could have free electricity in your home.

The overall dimensions are also very limited. There are models adaptable to different needs and which can produce anergy from 1 to 5Kw / h. If you consider that many household contracts are on a 3Kw / h basis, you will have free energy.

How to save

The costs of a plant start at 2,000 euros. A family of 3 or 4 people with a 3Kw / h contract generally spends around 500 euros per year on electricity consumption. It is estimated that a home wind power plant can last up to 25 years. Then you would have well over 15 years of free delivery. An idea to consider, in this uncertain period of energy transition.


A simple plastic bottle would be enough to save a lot on the electricity consumption of the refrigerator, in summer as in winter

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