Few people know this but bad breath could be a symptom of this serious health problem

A problem that so many people have that can cause embarrassment is bad breath. In many cases, proper oral hygiene, perhaps combined with the use of mouthwash, is not enough to make our breath pleasant. We can floss and brush our teeth the right way, but the smell persists and we don’t know how.

Today we will see together that in some cases halitosis should make us worry. In fact, few people know, but bad breath could be a symptom of this serious health problem. Let’s see what it’s about.

An important part of the body to always be perfect

The smell of our breath is a really important aspect to take care of if we want to avoid making a fool of ourselves. Often we don’t think about it, yet when we talk to someone, the breath may be audible and for this it is much better if it has a neutral smell.

Some ways to have fresh breath are, of course, a correct and frequent oral hygiene that follows all the necessary steps to avoid plaque deposits. Equally important is keeping hydrated and drinking plenty of water and fluids throughout the day. Few think about it, but the health of our intestines is also important: if we have stomach acid or digestive problems, we could have a strong and smelly breath.

But bad breath can be a symptom of something else and tells us we need to take action as soon as possible.

Few people know this but bad breath could be a symptom of this serious health problem

If heavy and bad breath persists despite our best efforts, it could be that we have some dental problems such as tooth decay, gingivitis or periodontitis to make it go away.

Gingivitis is a very widespread disease, it is estimated that a large percentage of Italians suffer from it. It is an inflammation of the gum due to the deposit of plaque and tartar around the collar which is inflamed.

Symptoms can be swelling, bleeding and bad breath. If we find that we have this pathology, we must not despair, our dentist will be able to remove the part that triggered the inflammation.

It is very important to intervene in time, so that the inflammatory process does not worsen and degenerate into more serious and painful pathologies such as periodontitis. At the first symptom of persistent halitosis, therefore, we should immediately contact a dentist to find out what the causes are. Only in this way could we return to normal breath and the bad smell will be a distant memory.


For perfect dental hygiene, we must know that, according to science, the toothbrush must be changed with this frequency.

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