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Fewer Germans fly to Mallorca

AOn Mallorca there are temperatures around 30 degrees and lots of sunshine these days. Wonderful beach and bathing weather. But on the island, many people currently do not come out of the trembling. The hoteliers, tour operators, restaurant owners and also the bosses of the tourism authorities are always afraid when they look at the booking figures for the current summer season. The tourists suddenly disappear. "We had expected a decline for this season, but never the burglary that we are currently experiencing," said a spokesman for the hoteliers of the Spanish island of the newspaper "Última Hora" this week.

Above all, the Germans are currently doing a great deal around their actually favorite holiday island. Even on the "Ballermann", the party mile on the Playa de Palma east of the capital of the island, that is felt. You can often hear only speak German (and sing and bawl). The so-called Sauftourismus keep on the weekends and holidays for full houses, said a spokesman for the hoteliers of the Playa. But other, "calmer" tourists, who stay longer and often spend more money on the island, now obviously go somewhere else. "In June, the utilization will be only 50 to 60 percent," says the spokesman. This is up to 15 percentage points less than last year.

But not only on "Ballermann", also in other parts of the island you miss the Germans. For example, in Magaluf, west of Palma. So far, the "British stronghold" reports a decline of around six percent among its most important customers. "With the Germans, however, the loss is even greater, around 12 to 13 percent," explains the head of the Hotel Association of the Calvià region, Mauricio Carballeda. For July and August, one fears an even greater decline.

High discounts useless

But why are the tourists suddenly gone after a series of record years? Blame is the Brexit and the strengthening of tourism regions in the eastern Mediterranean, such as in Turkey. In many a Mallorcan hotel spending in this high season should be higher than revenue. The situation is so critical that you even look at the weather forecast in Germany. A repeat of the "Super Summer" in Central and Northern Europe in 2018 could be fatal for many people this time around. Heated months as in the previous year would have a very negative impact, the vice-president of the Hoteliers Association FEHM, María José Aguiló recently acknowledged.

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