Fewer new Luxembourgers in 2021

LUXEMBOURG – 6,801 people obtained Luxembourg nationality last year. The applicants were mainly French, Portuguese and Belgians.

6,801 people obtained Luxembourg nationality in 2021, the Ministry of Justice announced on Tuesday. 4,558 obtained it “by option”, in this case because they married a Luxembourger or an adult settled in Luxembourg before the age of 18, among other cases of figure. 880 new Luxembourgers became so “by naturalisation” and “1,363” via the recovery procedure.

This recovery procedure, open to anyone who can prove the existence of a Luxembourg ancestor on January 1, 1900, “will soon expire”, recalls the ministry. The deadline for completing the formality of the declaration of recovery has nevertheless been extended until 31 December. Since the law of March 8, 2017 – amended on July 20, 2018 – more than 31,000 people have become Luxembourgers through this process.

Much less than in 2018, 2019 and 2020

The total of these new nationalities is down compared to previous years. In 2020, for example, 9,389 people were concerned, more than 11,000 in 2019 and 2018. “Due to travel restrictions linked to the pandemic, many candidates residing abroad were materially unable to organize their trip to the Grand Duchy to complete the formality of subscribing to the declaration of recovery”, explains the Ministry of Justice. Mainly candidates from Brazil and the United States.

A large majority of beneficiaries were, in 2021, of French origin (1,704 out of 6,801). 1,141 were of Portuguese origin, 844 of Belgian origin, 289 of German origin and 283 of Italian origin. To enlarge, let us recall that the Grand Duchy is the European country with the most children of nationalities other than Luxembourgish.

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