Fewer people in Germany donate more


IMany fewer Germans donate money to charitable organizations and churches. From January to September, according to a representative survey of the German Donation Council, 15.7 million Germans donated money, 800,000 fewer than in the same period of the previous year. In 2005 there were more than 30 million.

Julia Anton

Julia Anton

Editor in the department of society at FAZ.NET

Nevertheless, the donation volume has fallen in total only 1.3 percent and reached with just under 3.3 billion euros even the third highest value since the surveys began in 2005. For the entire year the German Spendenverband therefore expects that the volume of well above five billion euros will be only slightly below the previous year.

Because those who still give money donate more generously: barely six times a year, they open their wallet and give an average of 35 euros – both numbers are compared to the other years, highs.

Donations for climate protection are on the decline

The declining willingness to donate is difficult to name, says Max Mälzer, Managing Director of the German Donations Council. "It is probably not due to economic reasons." The study suggests, however, among other things, "mentality reasons": For example, in almost all age groups, the assent to the statement: "Help for the poorest is a matter for the state".

Three quarters of the total donated the Germans this year for emergency and disaster relief. While more money was spent on cultural and historical preservation and sports clubs compared to the previous year, donations for refugee aid declined. If they reached a high of 339 million euros in 2016, they reached 188 million euros by September of this year.

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