Fez: CPI up 3.3 pc last April (HCP)

The consumer price index at the level of the city of Fez continued its upward trend during the month of April, registering a marked increase of 3.3 pc compared to the month of March.

This tangible development is the result of increases in both the consumer price index for food products by 6.5 pc and that for non-food products by 0.8 pc, specifies the regional directorate of the High Commission for Planning (HCP) of Fez-Meknes, in a note on the Consumer Price Index for the month of April at the level of Fez.

The increase in the index of food products at the level of the city of Fez was mainly attributed to the increase in the price indices of “Oils and fats”, “Fish and seafood” and “vegetables” whose variations were respectively 14.1 pc, 7.6 pc, and 4.8 pc, the same source specifies.

As regards non-food products, the most striking rise was recorded at the level of the “Transport” division, the variation of the corresponding index of which increased by 5.0 pc, following an unusual increase in the index of fuels and lubricants of the order of 15.8 pc, according to the HCP.

With regard to food products, the most pronounced year-on-year increases concerned the price indices for “Oils and fats” with 26.7 pc and “Bread and cereals” with 21.2 pc and Vegetables with 16.9 pc. pc.

As for non-food products, the strong increases mainly affected the index of the “Transport” division with 14.5 pc following a surge in the “fuels and lubricants” index of 50.3 pc.

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The largest increases in the CPI were recorded in Al Hoceima with 3.6 pc and Fez with 3.3 pc, followed by Dakhla (2.3 pc), Oujda, Rabat, Safi and Errachidia (2.0 pc), Kenitra and Tangier (1.9 pc), Marrakech, Meknes and Laayoune (1.6 pc), Tetouan (1.5 pc), Casablanca and Beni Mellal (1.3 pc) and in Agadir (1.2 pc ).