Fiat 500 X Hybrid, chic and respectful of the environment – The Proof of ANSA Motori

Flashy like a vamp in its Passione red dress, fun and agile to drive thanks to the liveliness ensured by the compact additional electric motor, with its marked personality the Fiat 500X Hybrid Red Dolcevita attracts admiring glances even in the most exclusive environments. Open its generous electric fabric roof, offered as standard on this ‘special’, you are immediately ready to enjoy the sun and the air in your hair, especially in seaside resorts.
A test in Versilia, among the bathrooms and the exclusive villas that from Forte dei Marmi arrive in Viareggio, passing through the hills of the hinterland and the quarries of the Apuane, to arrive in Carrara, the city of the white marble most loved by sculptors of all time , has highlighted the many qualities and the few defects, such as a certain noise in the most decisive accelerations.
Easy to park thanks to its compact size, it has proven to be at ease in the most varied situations.
Equipped with the same hybrid system as the Tipo, also shared with the less powerful Alfa Romeo Tonale, the Fiat ‘suvvino’ in this delicious Red Dolcevita variant (listed at 34,100 euros), it does not look bad at all parked next to much more expensive cars. .

Respectful of the environment, its 4-cylinder turbo petrol 1.5 130 Hp works according to the Miller cycle: on average, it consumes 11% less than the supercharged mille with 10 Hp less power (in the combined cycle 5.6 l / 100 km versus 6.2 l / 100 km). Driving the car is appreciated for its comfort, in particular in the city stop & go, thanks to the coupled automatic gearbox with 20 Hp electric motor (located inside it) which greatly reduces emissions, thanks also to the particular logic of system operation.
When the accelerator is released, the internal combustion engine switches off, the ‘EV’ warning light comes on on the dashboard and the electric engine slows down the 500X, ‘simulating’ the engine brake with sensations completely similar to those offered by a traditional petrol vehicle. If you press the brake, the car naturally decelerates more intensely but, at the same time, recharges the battery. Stopping at the traffic lights, the Hybrid moves forward slightly when the brake is released, like so many automatics. Giving gas it accelerates with remarkable readiness, thanks precisely to the contribution of the electric unit (sprints from 0-100 km / h in 9.4 seconds against the 10.7 seconds of the 1.0 T), whose contribution is also felt in the cues at high speeds. Returning to traffic, in walking at walking pace in the queue, the car often moves with zero emissions and, under certain conditions, even when parking (even in reverse). All characteristics which, according to the surveys carried out by Fiat, allow in very intense traffic to find oneself with the petrol turned off up to 62% of the time. In short, with these premises, you can also sometimes forget the “feelings of guilt” if you decide to take the 500X Hybrid instead of the bicycle to go downtown to go shopping in the most exclusive shops, such as those in Via Carducci, to the Fort. Indeed, right at the Forte, sitting at the Principe bar, in front of an ice cream or a cappuccino, after having filled the trunk with purchases, admiring it in its bright red parked between maxi SUVs and braggart sports, you can even hear some true ‘eco-responsible’ drivers.