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Fiat 500e 3 + 1 is a more practical electric squirrel with a suicide door

by archyw

The electric style to the city will offer greater user comfort thanks to the new suicide door on the passenger side.

More than seven months after the introduction of the electric Fiat 500e, sometimes also known as Fiat Electric, the Italian carmaker introduced its more practical version with the designation 3 + 1. But looking at the left half of the car, you have no chance to notice any changes.

The added practicality of the 3 + 1 model, which should be aimed primarily at families and customers using the car on a daily basis, lies in the addition of one door. That’s right – this is not a pair, but only one door on the passenger side.

The carmaker describes the model as completely brand new, purely electric and with only one extra door, but it should still be a classic five hundred. This is also confirmed by the same dimensions for the hair, thanks to which the Fiat 500e should offer perfect maneuverability in the city.


The whole trick of modifying the 3 + 1 model is that the rear part of the car between the front door and the rear fender was hung on the hinges located at the rear, thanks to which the so-called “suicide door” was created. That is, a door with opening against the direction of travel.

The rear door can therefore only be opened when the front door is open. After all, we know the same principle from cars like the BMW i3 or Mazda RX-8. The new doors increased by 30 kilograms, but according to the carmaker, they did not affect energy consumption, range or maneuverability in any way.

Sales of the Fiat 500e 3 + 1 should begin with a special edition “La Prima,” which will offer a wealth of standard equipment. The first customers can look forward to, for example, Full-LED headlights, brand reading, adaptive cruise control, 360 ° parking sensors, parking camera, etc.

In the future, the offer should be expanded by another three trim levels, which we already know from the classic 500 model: Action, Passion and Icon. These will differ not only in equipment, but also in battery size, electric motor and individualization options.


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