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How to read is Cinquecento E

Stellantis Japan will launch Fiat’s first pure EV “Fiat 500e (Fiat Cinquecento E)” from June 25, 2022 (Saturday) through authorized dealers nationwide through the existing engine-equipped vehicle “Fiat”. Sold with “500”.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (including consumption tax) ranges from 4.5 million yen to 4.95 million yen. It is subject to the subsidy for promotion of introduction of clean energy vehicles (CEV subsidy), and the upper limit of 650,000 yen is applied.

Fiat 500e

The sale of the 500e is premised on the subscription-type car leasing “Fiat Eco Plan” and the 5-year monthly flat-rate payment car leasing “Packet Fiat” that is already being offered. The two plans will be described later.

Fiat 500 and Abarth 595 sold about 2,700 units in the first quarter last year. This is the largest number ever, and it will increase by 20% year-on-year.

Battery 42kWh cruising, up to 335km

The body size of the Fiat 500e is a total length of 3630 mm x total width of 1685 mm x total height of 1530 mm. For reference, the conventional Fiat 500 has a total length of 3570 mm, a total width of 1625 mm, and a total height of 1515 mm. The body will be completely redesigned.

The daylight is embedded on the bonnet hood. When this part is combined with the headlights, an iconic round design emerges. Mr. Itsuomi Ikuno, the product manager, said, “It is costly to make a cut in the bonnet and embed the light,” and expressed his enthusiasm for expressing the 500 heritage so far in the design. ..

Fiat 500e headlights.
Fiat 500e headlights.

The powertrain is equipped with an electric motor with a maximum output of 87kW (118ps) and a maximum torque of 22.4kg-m. The battery is a 42kWh lithium-ion battery pack placed under the floor.

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The cruising range is announced to be up to 335km (WLTC). Charging supports normal charging for single-phase AC 200V and quick charging via the included CHAdeMO adapter. Stellantis plans to issue charging cards in a form that can be used by the entire group. From October to the end of December, 73 dealers nationwide will install a charging system.

There are three drive modes. “It can be switched with the e-mode selector.” NORMAL “has high pedal responsiveness and feels like a drive like an engine car. In “RANGE”, the effect of regenerative braking is strengthened, and it is said that strong deceleration can be obtained as if the brakes were applied just by releasing the accelerator pedal. “SHERPA” is an eco-mode that maximizes cruising range by reducing energy consumption by controlling the accelerator response and turning off the seat heater.

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