Fiat Scudo L3 2.0 Mjet 180 LE AT8

Fiat Scudo is easy to get in and out of thanks to the wide and high door. There is nothing that prevents a person from moving, not even the steering wheel. Taking a place in the driver’s seat, a wide and tall instrument panel welcomes the driver who wants to work, but one’s head quickly gathers where to focus attention, because there are not many push buttons whose function one needs to learn.

On the right-hand side, the engine start button and an automatic transmission with rotary switch should be taken into account, and above these are the control buttons for the dual-zone climate control. The central lock and the jam button are also located in the middle.

The driver’s seat is the most comfortable.

The van can be made in a two- or three-seater version. In the case of the latter, a two-person bench is installed, which can be used well even if you don’t have to transport your colleagues to work. Okay, but how? First of all, the backrest of the middle seat can be folded down, so the driver can get a practical small table on which to eat, drink and take notes. And secondly, by folding up the seating surface of the middle seat, you can access a storage area where you can hide everything you don’t want to leave in sight in, say, a parking lot. There is also a storage area under the far right passenger seat, but its seat can be folded up in a different way.

Underneath, a small “tunnel” can be opened towards the cargo area, but of course the door on the wall separating the cargo area also needs to be opened for this. Thus, longer boards and pipes can also be transported in the Scudo. In the world of numbers, all this means that operators can get a cargo space of 3.67 meters in the basic version and 4.02 meters in the maxi version.

It’s true that the Hungarian gogyi could be counted on for the transport of longer items, but here at home the guys didn’t close the back door at all when longer slats had to be brought to and from the work van. Speaking of rear doors: on the Scudo, unfortunately, you can’t fold them next to the body, but they can be opened at 90 degrees.

We did not expect this from Fiat 53

It has everything you need

The covers used in the Scudo are pleasant to the touch, the edges of the seats are covered with artificial leather, which creates a more sophisticated effect. The multi-steering wheel is also covered in leather, but its grip is very hard. It breaks your hand when parking. Maybe this Scudo was already designed for the robot hand?

By definition, the driver has the best job on board the Fiat van, because his seat has side supports on both sides. The legroom, on the other hand, is princely both on the driver’s side and on the right side. And the headroom just fits into the normal category. The cargo area of ​​the Scudo has a similarly sophisticated design. Not only the floor, but also the side body surfaces are protected by fiberboards from the sharp hooks and nails that always sneakily hide in the cargo.

Basically, the Fiat Scudo can be made with a cargo space of 2.51 and 2.86 meters in length, but these dimensions only apply to the wall separating the cargo space. The model rolls off the production line with a cargo space of 5.3 – 5.8, or 6.2 and 6.6 cubic meters. In order to prevent the loads from moving, fixing eyes are available on the left and right side. When properly packed, it can carry up to 1,400 kilograms, but its total weight does not exceed 3.1 tons.

We did not expect this from the Fiat 54

Thanks to the Moduwork option, the cargo space can be increased.

We did not expect this from the Fiat 55

By this time, the doors can be opened.