Fiat Uno Turbo ie Portuguese sold for thousands of euros in the USA

A 1988 Fiat Uno Turbo ie with Portuguese license plate was sold this month for US$16,800 (about 14,500 euros) on an auction site in the United States.

The auction of this classic was not easy, as it was only after 29 bids between two car lovers that the final price was reached, through the digital auction platform “Bring a Trailer”.

“I would like to have this beautiful car, I want to congratulate you for keeping it. If I offered another dollar, my wife would kill me,” said the near-winner.

The car buyer is a lover of Italian classics and had already tried to buy five other cars on this platform but without success.

In addition to the car, the winner also took a series of spare parts such as a supplementary grill, a turbocharger, an instrument panel and headrests.

The red Fiat Uno Turbo ie, before being imported into the United States in 2020, underwent a thorough mechanical overhaul.

This car model was quite popular in the 80s and 90s with a 1.4 turbo engine and 105 horsepower.

Among the details that were the delight of car lovers at the time, were the small scorpions by Abarth, a sports brand of the Fiat group, on the rims.