Fibobrov, from Israeli Special Forces to Ukrainian Soldier to Fight Russia


Gregory Fibobrov, from the Israeli special forces is now a Ukrainian soldier ready to fight Russia. Photo/Gregory Fibobrov via Ynet

KIEV – A former Israeli special forces personnel joined the military Ukraine to deal with possible aggression Russia . The former Zionist force was named Gregory Fibobrov.

Western countries fear that Moscow will invade Kiev after deploying more than 100,000 troops on the border between the two countries.

However, Russia has repeatedly denied having any plans to invade its neighbour. President Vladimir Putin’s government insists the deployment of hundreds of thousands of troops on the border is Moscow’s right because it is still on Russian soil.

Gregory “Grisha” Fibobrov, 40, is a graduate of the elite Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) combat unit who now serves as a commander in the Ukrainian military corps.

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Fibobrov, as quoted Ynet, Thursday (27/1/2022), served in the Golani Brigade, a prestigious IDF infantry unit. He enlisted in one of the combat units in the Ukrainian military seven years ago.

He is currently stationed on the front lines, where Ukrainian troops are preparing for a possible invasion of the Russian army.

“We hold our position, but in relation to the previous situation, the Russians were much more aggressive and provocative, and they violated the ceasefire more often,” he said.

“Army morale is high, the Ukrainian army is ready to face any scenario. We were able to respond well to a possible Russian attack, thanks to the United States and Britain. The war in Ukraine has been going on for eight years and the world is only realizing it now,” he said, referring to the armed conflict in the Donbas region, a region where Ukrainian government forces and pro-Moscow separatists are fighting.

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“If Russia wanted to attack, it would have attacked already, we are here to protect our country and our land, they are conquerors, and they are the ones who brought war to Ukraine, we will fight to the end and we will do it, achieve victory,” he said.