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Home Sport Fidel Kuri rant and threaten Liga MX after a landslide in Pachuca

Fidel Kuri rant and threaten Liga MX after a landslide in Pachuca

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After his team fell before Pachuca 2-9, Fidel Kuri, owner of the Veracruz, attacked the Liga MX and he assured that inside things do not have a good handling reason why the next week will reveal some questions of the Mexican organism.

"Surprises are going to come out on Monday, I'm going to get a lot of little things, lots of laundry in the sun, and you have to be saying it because I'm not white-collar, so you have to say things as they are and a story will come out with everything and beautiful that you I dedicate to the Federation", He said.

Kuri He assured that he will pay the 120 million for its permanence and that the franchise will not move from the PortHe also made it clear that he will not sell the club, because he does not have to part with that institution.

"The 120 million I will pay them and the franchise stays in Veracruz. The owner does not have to change it because if they change it the equipment goes away. You have to change from within, from the Liga MX and that things are done well. "

Contrary to what you can think, the way in which his team fell on Saturday seems to have no annoyance to Fidel Kuri, even expressed his motivation to impose negative marks as the win.

"Why will not you want to continue (Siboldi)? Let's see, I like to break records or win a Cup today or be the most thrashed. Here with half measures who walks, only the League, I do not. Me or white or black and you have to break the record in everything or I'm the worst or I'm the best … right now I'm the worst. "

The director also assured that Robert Siboldi continue with the jarocho box: "The agreement with the coach was always 'come and help me clean the house' and we are doing it. Siboldi he stays with me because we are really testing even the players to see how much they want the team and who wants to stay. "



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