Fiducial: the twilight of the “guru” Christian Latouche

[1/3] Genius for some, madman for others, the former chartered accountant has built an empire specializing in business services from Lyon. But, according to the revelations of Mediacités, at 82, his state of health has deteriorated and prevents him from managing his affairs. First part of our series on an extraordinary group.

Christian Latouche, in June 2019, during the laying of the first stone of the new offices of Fiducial, in Lyon. Photo: DR.

Will Christian Latouche be there? And if so, will he speak in front of his troops? On Thursday 22 and Friday 23 September, the Fiducial group will bring together some 400 employees at La Sucrière, in the Lyon district of Confluence. “A seminar intended to welcome the executives who have joined us since the start of the Covid crisis”, is content to let go of Éric Luc, director of communication. We will not know more about the participation or not of the founder and president of the French accounting giant. Not sure, however, that his new recruits will meet him during these two days…

According to information from Mediacités,

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