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Due to severe forest fires, the Russian authorities have now declared a state of emergency in areas in the north on the border with Finland.

This will apply to the entire Republic of Karelia for at least the next two weeks, said the regional civil protection minister Andrei Karpilovich (“Interfax” agency).


The residents are forbidden to enter the forests. According to the authorities, 33 forest fires are currently raging in Karelia over an area of ​​around 7,200 hectares. Military helicopters are said to drop more than 26 tons of water.

In Russia there is now a state of emergency due to severe fires in ten regions.


The Siberian region of Yakutia (Republic of Sakha) in the east of the country is hardest hit. According to data from the forest protection authority on Wednesday, the fires continued to spread there. Deleted

will currently be a burning area of ​​745,000 hectares –
more than the day before. That equates to about half
Just as large are the fire areas in Yakutia, in which no firefighters are currently extinguishing. Extinguishing work is waived for fires in remote areas, for example.

An estimated 1.5 million hectares are devastated.

2,000 helpers try to protect the residents – it should only get better in mid-August.
Russia is hit by widespread forest fires. The reasons: heat and neglect of fire safety regulations.

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