"FIFA 19", "Battlefield V", "Anthem" ... Our impressions of EA's video games at E3

"FIFA 19", "Battlefield V", "Anthem" ... Our impressions of EA's video games at E3

Pixels has seen four of the major innovations announced by Electronic Arts ahead of the 2018 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Exposition.
The world | 10.06.2018 at 14:28 | By William Audureau (special correspondent in Los Angeles)

On Saturday, June 10, Electronic Arts kicked off the pre-E3 conference ball, the biggest annual event in the video game industry in Los Angeles. The American publisher has multiplied the ads, including a Star Wars still mysterious, and presented several titles brought to exit these next six months.
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“FIFA 19”, Paul the Octopus cautious
(football, EA Canada / Romania, Electronic Arts, September 2018, PC / PS4 / Switch / Xbox One)

Facts. The annual steamroller of the football simulation has finally taken control of the rights of the Champions League: big-eared cup, official anthem and story mode centered on its conquest will appear in September. After a 2018 episode criticized for his large defensive largesse, he also wants to be more rigorous.
Our impressions. Counterattacks all over, defenses too high, and a goal gag, or rather a goal bug, for crown the first match: it was a bad start. When coming back, though, FIFA 19 give to enjoy his impressive redesign in ball control, cushioning and body play. Exit the balloon of its 16 meters became a vertical construction treat, almost too much, so much tear the opposing curtains became a little too easy. The guards remain for the moment too friable.
The anecdote. May, after to have predicts the Spanish and German victories, the Electronic Arts blog announces that, according to the calculations of its flagship simulation, France is going be World Champion. Sam Riviera, Chief Producer of FIFA 19 , tempers: “You can never be sure in football, we have had good predictions in the past, but in football” … At this time of the interview, Saturday, June 9, France is led 1-0 by the United States. “It’s true that the last time you were favorites, in 2002, you did not put a goal …” Thank you, Sam.
“Battlefield V”, the veteran’s experience
(Shooter, DICE, Electronic Arts, October 19, 2018, PC / PS4 / Xbox One)

The essential. Back to the Second World War for the oldest surviving open-air military shooter. With a line of conduct: tell stories hitherto left out, such as those of women at the front, or unknown battles, as in Norway and the Netherlands. A mode to 100 has also been announced.
Our impressions. The multiplayer presented featured two teams of four in a large snow-covered rail warehouse. Snipers hidden in the snow, tanks strafed by the air, assault squads circled around targets to protect , slain soldiers trying to call for help in their last breath … Experience, an absolute classicism as much as an unassailable efficiency, promise hours of onslaught online.
The anecdote. Every two years, Call of Duty and Battlefield are competing, and strangely, never on the same historical period at the same time. Serendipity ? “I had no idea what they were working on” , promises Andreas Morell, senior producer of Battlefield V , while its competitor will jump in the future at the end of the year. ” I can not speak that for me, we know that there are commercial trends, but we do not know what competitors are working on, we discover it at the same time as everyone else. ”
“Anthem”, the Megaman of the 20XX
(Shooting and cooperative role play, Bioware, Electronic Arts, February 2019, PC / PS4 / Xbox One)

The essential. Everyone compares it to destiny and it’s true that it looks like Activision’s co-operative online shooter: a squad of mechas (four co-op players) launches into quests on exotic planets filled with phosphorescent vegetation and furious extraterrestrials.
Our impressions. Dorsal rockets, jetpack and futuristic sulphates: if destiny laid the foundation for collaborative space opera, Anthem gives it a verticality and dynamism still rarely seen, carried by a design that evokes as much transformers than Gears of War and Prometheus . Rather exciting.
The anecdote. How many times has Anthem been compared to destiny ? ” Many times ” , bursts of to laugh the director, Jonathan Geppert. Asked what would be, for change , its equivalent in 2D, it evokes Megaman , for aesthetics; Zelda , his favorite game; and agrees to a rapprochement with Probotector , for the coop. Pixels will remember this.
“Sea of ​​Solitude”, cappuccino my non troppo
(video game, Jo-Mei Games, Electronic Arts, early 2019, unspecified support)

The essential. The arty bail of the Electronic Arts conference features Kay’s inner fight, a woman sailing alone through a submerged city, haunted by loneliness that makes her feel like a monster.
Impressions. At first glance, a favorite for this species of Wind Waker introspective, whose solar aesthetics only underline the violence of Kay’s deformed reflection in the water around him. Unfortunately, apart from a trailer, the game was neither playable nor even shown.
The anecdote. Its principle? “I do not want to spoil” , excludes German creative director Connie Geppert, obviously asked not to overdo it say . Guest to compare his title to a drink, this amateur of the emotional game Journey choose the cappuccino. “The coffee is dark, but there is the sweetness of the cream, and by mixing, you get perfection.” A story of harmony between doubt and hope, if we understood correctly.

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