FIFA 22 brings Kanté as a flashback card

In FIFA 22 you can now get Kanté with a Flashback SBC. We take a look at whether the “Spar version” from Kanté is worthwhile.

What kind of card is that? Flashback cards are usually reminiscent of the bygone days of top players who don’t have such good stats these days. With Kanté, however, the case is different: He actually gets a flashback card with weaker values ​​than his gold card.

There was a similar card for Cristiano Ronaldo, who was also available in FIFA 21 in a “savings flashback version”.

Why is the flashback card interesting? N’golo Kanté is one of the best players in FIFA 22. His normal ZDM card is extremely popular as he is considered a player who is hard to beat. However, the gold card is very expensive, despite the low transfer market. Until yesterday it cost over 400,000 coins (but since the SBC was released, the gold card has also become cheaper, is now around 384,000 coins).

The SBC card, on the other hand, can be obtained for fewer coins. According to current futbin solutions from the community, you can get the flashback card from Kanté for 286,000 coins if you approach it without any SBC food. If you still have a few exchangeable players in the club, you can use them to keep the price down.

So it’s a cheaper way for players to get a Kanté card for their team. But is it worth it?

Flashback Kanté and Gold Kanté in comparison

These are the two Kanté cards

This is how the cards differ: Basically, these are cards that are not too far apart in terms of their values. The overall rating differs by 3 points. In detail, the difference is as follows:

  • Flashback canté is slightly faster than gold canté. The four points don’t necessarily make too much of a difference.
  • The shot value is identical.
  • Gold-Kanté has slight advantages when it comes to passes.
  • In dribbling, Flashback is one point ahead.
  • In the defensive area, the gold card is stronger. Among other things, she has 8 points more for “Defensive Awareness” and 6 points more for standing tackles. Sliding tackles are 4 points higher.
  • When it comes to physique, gold is also stronger. 13 points more are particularly noticeable in the area of ​​“aggression”.

Another important point is the work rates. Gold-Edge has a medium attack rate and high defensive rate, while Flashback has both highs. But that’s not necessarily a good thing, because you run the risk of your flashback canteen turning on too much in the game and then not being there defensively when you need it. And first and foremost, Kanté is intended as a defensive player.

Overall, however, it can be said: Even if Flashback Kanté is weaker than Standard Kanté, it is still an extremely strong ZDM.

Is the card worth it? Here you have to weigh up. Flashback-Kanté will be a reinforcement for many teams – but the SBC is not cheap. The price is still okay for the card, but it’s not that easy to get. However, if you have the opportunity to lower the price here with interchangeable players, you should think about it.

However, if you approach the SBC without any exchangeable players and have to spend almost 300,000 coins, you should almost think about the gold card again and, if in doubt, save on it. It is possible that it will fall further. And: If in doubt, the card can be sold again – the SBC card cannot.

Otherwise, the next event is coming up in FIFA 22: Unusual cards should come into play with the rule breakers.