Fifa announces new rules to limit loans

Fifa announced Thursday that player loans between clubs would be subject, from July 1, to new regulations which aim to limit these transactions, sometimes misused by certain clubs to reduce their bloated workforce.

This reform aims to “strengthen the development of young players, improve the competitive balance and prevent the excessive accumulation of players under contract”, argued the world football body.

This has been engaged since 2017 in a broader project to define a new framework for transfers, which includes in particular the question of the role of the agent and his commissions.

FIFA plans to limit the number of players that a club can loan to a team to three, a measure that goes against the “satellite” clubs that the big teams use to play those who have no place in their effective.

This is the case of Monaco with Cercle Bruges, or Chelsea with Vitesse Arnhem, which has welcomed thirty players from the “Blues” in the form of a loan over the past ten seasons.

The body will limit the total number of loans a club can make each season. The limit will be set at 8 for fiscal year 2022-23, and will gradually decrease to 6 from July 2024.

Currently, according to data from the Transfermarkt site, Manchester City, one of the most greedy clubs on the subject, has 14 players on loan.

The reform of Fifa also determines a maximum duration of loan (one year) as well as the prohibition to under-lend a player.

The new regulations do not affect young players aged 21 or under, as well as those trained at the club, Fifa said.

“Initially planned for July 2020, the introduction of the regulations had to be delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic”, explains the body, which recalls that it must be subject to “approval by the Council of the Fifa at its next session.”