FIFA becomes EA SPORTS FC – FIFA and EA soon to end 30-year partnership – ntower

In recent months, the rift between EA and the FIFA already initiated, now the two companies have the end of their almost 30-year partnership officially announced. The world-famous football video game series “FIFA” will then become “EA SPORTS FC“, with which the publisher wants to open a new chapter in virtual soccer. Fans should continue to look forward to all the well-known modes, leagues, clubs, athletes and stadiums that would be made possible by the numerous licenses and partnerships, EA warns.

But before that, together with his naming rights partner, you want to final FIFA offshoot release and make it the biggest and best gaming experience yet. EA promises to deliver more features, game modes, World Cup content, clubs, leagues, competitions and players than ever before in the upcoming installment, laying the foundation for EA SPORTS FC and the future of the series. Further information on the rebranding and the next steps will then be communicated to us in summer 2023.

In a recent report, The New York Times goes into the situation in more detail and gives possible reasons for the failed contract extension. So have it disagreement about what such a deal should look like, especially on the financial side. FIFA is said to have demanded at least double the previous license fee and an extension of its brand reach for digital products from EA SPORTS. This was probably EA gone too far, which is based on a peaceful separation agreed.

You can get a detailed statement including comments from some of EA’s partners here read.

Can you imagine FIFA under a new name?


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